Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Day as it would 28 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and are based on general behaviour of the Zodiac's. People born in the first quarter are likely to find them to be more associating than others. For specifics on your horoscopes and life and other assistance www.omnialmighty.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): Today will be the day, when family and dear ones would be heeding your company, and it would be better if you are able to devote the much required time for them and answer their queries.

At work, you may get distracted by someone demeanour, keep your focus straight, and analyse the situation based on its merits, don't get provoked.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): High aspirations are anticipated for romance, things are likely to remain smooth. Keeping things well within control would be the best deal, don't be too ambitious or emotive on committing something.

There would be some issues which would  be consuming much of your time today, just be careful to check the authenticity of the task before indulging or committing into it.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): Chances of unprecedented tensions are there amongst family constituents, keeping your cool or perseverance would be a nice tool to avoid which is likely to happen.

Being to yourself and not imposing your thoughts, would be best deal at work. Try to be cautious about your health, as it can be demanding today.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): You need to address the issues pending at home, things are likely to smoothen out, if you maintain your patience and lend your ear, instead of impressing upon that you are always correct.

Today will be the day, when you would be realising something about your trusted associate. Be wise to accept the change, instead of wasting energy to undo the things. Remember world is dynamic in its nature.

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): Things would be deceptive today, and the results of your efforts may not seem to be the way you would appreciate them to be. There is always a new day, and the things are bound to change. Keep faith in yourself, and it is you that you need to preserve instead of trying to preserve what is already in the changing phase.

Virgo (Aug22- Sep 21): You are likely to be distinctively emotional and domestic today, just play by the tune, don't try to set up things as per your liking.

There would be lots of startling ideas which would be reaching you today, just use your intellectual abilities, to comprehend between reality and dreams.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Be realistic and cautious before leaping into something, risk is worth taking only after drawing all the dimensions clear.

You are likely to incubate new ideas at work, practical approach can be helpful to win accolades and results.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): You would be required to pay attention at home, family can be demanding today.

Be cautious of any emotional bait, and analyse the things before accepting it. Things can be devastating, if emotions are let loose.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): Things are likely to be in synchronisation at home.

Be careful about your mood, and trying avoid any hustle would be a nice option today. Things are likely to be heated up, keeping your patience will ensure sail through the day at work.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Elderly people at home and in general may be taking up your time during the day, family atmosphere is likely to remain acceptable if not good.

Paying attention before engaging would be best deal for the day. Obligations and responsibilities would be in fore today, try to find time for yourself, before it gets demanded.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): You would be liking the closeness within the family, and would be spending most of your time with them.

Try to avoid legendary realism, and be realistic in your approach. Your fantasies are to be evaluated before proceeding to make them reality. Test the waters before stepping into it.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19):  Your partner would be requiring time, but it is unlikely that you would be, tensions are likely to be there. Try and give deserving importance to your mate/spouse.

Be cautious while driving, taking a cab would be a better option. Try to be flexible instead of being rigid, as flexible things happen to sustain and last longer than the rigid ones.  


Monday, 27 February 2017

Day as it would be 27 Feb

These predictions are general in nature and person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to feel these predictions more associating than others. For further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): There are chances of you encountering someone who can influence you and your thoughts to a large extent, be cautious, about the day and events, and ensure that you don't spell out your plans or proposals. Partner is likely to be very understanding and cooperative.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Life at family is likely to behave normal today. But you would be in charming mood and team work, or engaging people in performing/completing tasks would ease out things. Time to realise your potential and reconciling your confidence.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20): Your patience is likely to be tested to maximum today, family would be demanding your presence and attention.

At work, you need to boost up yourself, as today is the day, when your skills/ability to perform is likely to be tested. Keeping your cool, will be great tool to pave out your way, from the difficult times.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Disarray, may be finding a dimension today, someone is likely to behave as messiah and would smoothen out the things.

At work, need to careful about the expression.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): You are likely to have good times with your mate/partner/spouse today.

There would be someone who would extend help at work place, things are likely to ease out.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): Need to be careful about any misunderstandings, as this is not just affecting you at home and work, is likely to lead into something not good. Be careful and cautious about the events, and heed utmost attention, in what so ever you are doing.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22): Romance and affection is likely to be flowing your way today.

At work, things would be easy and smooth, just be careful of not over stepping into someone else's domain.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Today would be a day of mixed baggage at home, where your intellect is gonna be fetching you accolades your carefree attitude can behave negative.

You would be in a charming mood, and is likely, to put out your best. Be careful, as someone may not had a good day.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20) : Today is the time when you would have to make certain decisions in your life, which are likely to take your life in all together different path. You are at threshold of things, have to take one path and leave the other for ever, keeping all options open is likely to end today, and if you defer your decision, the things are likely to end up in jeopardy.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Avoiding gossip mongers would be wise today, pay attention to your inner voice, things would lighten up. Your gut feeling is likely to lead you into having a clearer view, which may or may not be charming but would be truth.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Be wise in your decisions, don't be emotional in your choice, as it can lead into more murky waters. Heavenly energies are likely to lend you torch during dark phase.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19): Illicit or secretive relation is likely to come up for you today, be cautious of any admissions, as it can lead to dismissal of something close and sincere.

Don't let your gooey and mushy temperament of home, disturb you at work. Be careful of expressions and try to hold the mood swings. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Day as it would be 26 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and are based on general comprehension of how zodiac's would be for the day. Person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to feel these predictions to be associated with it than others. For further assistance contact omnialmighty@outlook.com or log on to www.omnialmighty.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): There would be instances in which someone, with a higher profile, who would manipulative in changing the scenario, and is likely to make you adopt to it and act in prudence with their wish. Maintaining your serenity, but with combination of softness, would be advisable instead of rebutting with force.

Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): The company of children and family with boost up your already charming mood. Chances of someone from your profession trying to disturb your sobriety would be there, just preserve your mood, as there is nothing more precious than being happy.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20):  You would be warding off the tensions, in a positive way, by carving way for your favourite hobby and family. You are likely to spend more time with your family and friends, and reassure yourself of your "priorities"

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 21): Try not to judge yourself by math calculations of efforts and results, try to enjoy life, there is more dynamics to it that this calculations. Try to comfortable with yourself, as the quest of comfort is making you wander, the peace lies within.

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): There are chances of someone keeping the control intact upon events. Be polite to spell out how and what your take is for the itinerary, as no fun quibbling.

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): Someone, is likely to take you to the conclusion, by narrating things with economical truth base. Be sure about the things and events, before making an impression about it/them. Trust facts as they are, not the way as they are being presented.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Try not be conclusive about things/people/events based upon data which is being presented by someone else. Trust in yourself and your intellect, would be at test most, than ever before. Don't make each reverberation to be meaningful, as there are chances of it being artificially stimulated.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): Aspirations based upon inspirations, can be demanding. Better to know your limits and work gradually to enhance them, instead trying all out to damage yourself. Family, can be demanding your attention and time, don't be irritated, as you may have some other plans to utilise your time for.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): You leaving some loose end, which may/likely to lead you vulnerable for exploitation are there. Be sure about preserving your and your mates sanity. Things at family are likely to smoothen out, depending upon how you would be able to respond/react to situations.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): You need to be taking control of the emotions instead of just flowing along with them. Try not to be too impulsive and preserve your patience, as this would be one of the most important facet, of how you would be carving out the day for yourself and for the ones who are directly impacted by your mood.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): You are likely to be a party mood today, and may avail each opportunity/engagement in this manner. Just don't try  to control the pleasure pattern of others, be happy and don't force yourself upon others.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19): Today, you are likely to have a dream interaction/time with your family, be flexible and let others feel happy to have you in company.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Day as it would be 25 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to have these predictions more associating. For further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): Things seems to be getting better and better at the home front.

Trying to push your way into the limelight, or make your efforts visible, would be prime thing in your mind, just be cautious of not over stepping in making yourself visible

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): New ideas are likely to surface, progressive engagements with clients is likely to happen.

Thinking before making the move would be better idea, instead of just flowing with the emotions.

Gemini (May 20-Jun20): You are likely to be addressing larger audience and making an impact there.

Taking all the facets into account before taking up any task, would be better, at your work place.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Success is likely to boost you up. Things are likely to smoothen out for you.

You are in wandering mood, with uncertainty veiling you. Breaking the barriers would be better than to remain curtailed.

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): There would be an exciting conversation between you and your mate, which would make you bloom.

At work, better to be understanding and knowing all the details before agreeing. Try to be logical instead of emotional.

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): You are likely to go out of the way to make the sense of security feel to your partner/spouse.

Today, your instincts are likely to favour you, and rudder you through from any/all tough times.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22): Your bosses are likely to recognise and appreciate your efforts, try to remain grounded.

Use of scathing words/remarks can be damaging, be sober in choice of words.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): Too much of fantasising wont be good, try to logical and remember your stretching limits.

Being sober in your actions, is the feel today. You would be extending help to others at work place, just be vigilant as this move may hamper your output.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): You would like others to take your words seriously, just a small change on being more sober, can do the magic for you.

The adrenaline flow of things will be marking for the day for you at work.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Things which aren't too comprehensive by others doesn't means its wrong. Try to keep your emphasis on the things which are good for you, instead of trying to please others.

Exciting changes are underway, be open and wise, before stepping into new ventures.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): Today will be the day, when you would be opening up, and sharing your faith, belief with people who matter to you.

Excitement at work in likely to make several moves, be cautious of not getting carried with the success and carefully place your moves before adopting them



Friday, 24 February 2017

Day as it would be 24 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and person born in the first quarter of the month is most likely to find them suitable. For further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr18): You are likely to be undecided on lots of things, even your partner will be in this ambit of uncertainty. Be cautious about your behaviour, try not to behave which can lead to a permanent damage.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Day would be encouraging you to put your efforts and throw off staunch adversaries, positive outcome of your efforts is likely to induce charm.

Gemini (May 20-Jun20): Your basic character will be dominant today, you would be trying all in to make the changes happen as would be suiting you. New ventures are likely to be in offering today.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul21): You would be exuberantly extravagant today and would be open to initiate the things.

You would be keeping people at a distance before deciding upon them and the events incurred.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): Today you are likely to vanquish your enemies. Today you are likely to attain status which is way beyond your dreams.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): Your loved ones can surprise/shock you today.

At work you are likely to dominate, and likely to make certain decisions which would be targeting more into future than present.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22):  By evening you are likely to create stirs in your love relations.

At work someone would be aggravating you, which can lead you to take the pillion. Take care of not loosing your confidence and position.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): Don't try to decide the time, you can only work not decide on the result. Your impetus can be damaging today, be sober in your attitude and performance.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): Today you patience, intellect and intuitive strengths would be at test today, unseen enemies may be cropping up. Perseverance is the key to the lock, believe in yourself and your special traits.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Personal prejudice should be a personal and secretive thing, don't let others know what you feel about them. Try to be flexible and open to suggestion at home.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): You are likely to be topic, on how you would behold yourself, will mark which side of topic you would be. Try not to push dictates, everyone and everything has its own pace of movement.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19): Your family and children would be of great help to boost you up.

At work, some staunch adversary, is likely to web plans to malign you and tarnish your efforts. Try to be cautious, and don't let any loose ends for them to exploit.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Day as it would be 23 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and people born in the first quarter of the month are likely to find them to be more appropriate than others. For further assistance mail at omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries(Mar 20-Apr 18): Money matters would be an area of concern for you, this can lead to altercations between you and your partner. Try not to be too egoistic.

At work, certain changes in your perspective would be a very good thing, may be if it to re approach an old project.

Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): You are likely to remain attracted towards your partner/spouse, some solutions to the financial matters is likely to appear.

You are likely to have some new opportunities heading, try to keep believing your intellect. Be open to suggestions, but don't trust them blindly.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20): Your mate/partner would be demanding today, try to extend some quality time. Just being together can resolve many problems.

Try to disassociate yourself from your ego today, it will ease out the things, and this measure is likely to be very beneficial for you, at work. Try and talk to your old associate, breaking the ice, would be beneficial in the future.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Your family would be demanding your time today, don't push your frustrations on to them.

Things wont be too smooth at work today, things are likely not to be shaping up as you would be wanting them to be.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): You would be wanting to spend more time with family and partner, don't try to figure out everything, as they are people not subjects/ objects to be understood, let the emotions play as they want.

Efforts on expressing would be the key thing, as of today. Try to be positive in your approach.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): You would be contemplating on revamping things at your home, just be judicious in spending.

At work, new ideas will keep hitting in your plans, plan in and around your limits.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22):  Family would not be able to have much of your time during the day, but by evening the things would be smoothing up.

Adversary would be languishing to hurt your image, but unexpected support, is likely to act as saviour. Try to have deep thinking before approaching the project.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): You would be considerate towards your mate today, things would be more romantic than before.

Old projects would be reaching their positive conclusions today, your enthusiasm and charm is likely to make you take centre stage today.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): You are likely to charm your spouse/partner today.

The day at work you would be overwhelming, try to believe in yourself and don't try to evaluate things/person as based on others perspective.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): You would be having accolades coming your way from your partner, and likely to have a great time together.

The  ability to adopt would be the key attribution at work today, and this ability would be easing out things for you.

Aquarius ( Jan 20-Feb 18):  Today is the day when your expectations are way beyond the logics of reality, try to enjoy the feel of romance instead of controlling it.

You need to be sorting out the things which aren't yielding results.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19): Spending more time with the family would be one of the major things that you should think/plan of doing.

It wont be too wise, to try and venture out to something new today, effort to complete the task at hand would be advisable.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Day as it would be 22 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and the person born in the first quarter of the zodiac sign are likely to find the predictions more associating with the events of the day than others. For further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): You are likely to be apprehensive about the situations and events and their corresponding results. Better to be brushing aside which doesn't seems to be too appealing or authentic.

You would be able to put words in your thoughts at work, intellect in choosing the words would be a great companion.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Other things would be eating up on your time of romancing, the partner/spouse may not be too comfortable with it.

Try to keep a control over your spending, both financially and intellectually. Try to step back from the problem at hand, as you have a better view to the situation and chances of solving are also increased.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): You would be extending your charm towards your family and partner, and this would be leading to a smooth day at home and with family.

There would be issues which would be taking up most of your time,  your depleting endurance would be drawing your attention. Always better to be fresh.

 Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): The day is likely to keep hovering between normal to exciting at home for you today.

Patience will be best tool to deal with the events, in order to reach some conclusive solutions. Spending may be requiring your attention.

Leo( Jul 22-Aug 21): Being soft in your expression would be a thing which need to be making today. Be considerate towards your partner/family before blaming them.

Don't try to push your word as final, be receptive or considerate towards what others are saying.

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): You would be passionate today, which would be a healthy feel for your relation to get more cozy with your partner/spouse.

You would be reaping results of your efforts, which would be making your enthusiastic. Pleasure and success will be keeping your spirits high for the day.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): You would be more enchanting and exotic, these both moods will be booster for your relation with your partner.

You would be thinking too many things at one time, and there would be too much of thinking in all the plans. Just try and relax, everything has its own time to reap, enjoy the sowing.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): You would be able to spend quality time with your family, provided you are able to draw your priorities right.

You would be too inclined into starting a new venture, but it would be better, if the things are postponed as of today.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): You would be up in romance, which will be leading to a smoother family life.

Lending your ears for suggestions, can be of great help, as there are certain aspects of your plan, which are yet to be evaluated.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): You ignoring your family is likely to be a issue of discussion today at home, which may heat up the things. Keep your balance right, and you will witness romance coming.

Be cautious about the people at work, as it may not be true what is visible.

Aquarius ( Jan 20-Feb 18): Try and talk to your partner, as this would be leading for the ordeal to end.

Try avoiding arguments and don't let your ego decide the things for you. Be very careful about how and what you say, as this is likely to have long lasting impact.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19): Try and trust your partner, as it would be better for your family life to smooth out a little.

Be choosy on how to proceed with your tasks, as the path is also a very important factor for reaching the goal.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Day: As it would be 21 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and are based upon general placement of planets with respect to zodiac sign, and person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to find the predictions more suitable than the person born in the last quarter of that zodiac sign.

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): The day would be testing on your endurance, certain challenging situations can come up during the course of the day. Negotiations are to be done with utmost precision and patience.

At work, enthusiasm and charm wont be as usual, be cautious about running your stamina out.

Taurus (May 20-Jun 20): There can be small altercations over trivial issues with your partner, but things would ease out later resulting in more cozy a feeling than it had been.

The efforts of the past would be reaping their results, people would be trying to bring up hindrances, keeping confidence, patience and faith high, would sail you through.

Gemini (May 20-Jun20): You would be liking the company of your partner today, emotions would be reciprocated.

Discussions will be marking the day for you today at work, intellect will be more in the foreplay today, which would be beneficial for you later during the day.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): There would be discussion between you and your partner, but it is unlikely to result in a solution. Better don't try to find answers to all the questions, as sometimes answers are more painful than the doubts/answers.

An old association is likely to be your saviour at work, avoid pushing your perspective and your luck, results can be discouraging.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): Love would be your strength, and today this love would be acting as saviour and would  paving a escape route for you at work too.

Your mood swings would be dominating you, but keeping a firm check on them, would be the key for how the day will shape out for you at work.

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): Your mate, would be on the same wavelength as you today, share your dreams and be open to receive the advice.

Too much fascination wont be a good thing for you, it may lead you to goof up the things. Better to be a good analyst.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): You would be enjoying the company of your partner today, and this is likely to happen by the kind of expressions coming from the other side.

Financial issues tend to be settling, keep your confidence and spirits high at work.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20):  You would be more than accommodating to your partner, but just try not to express the adjustments.

Your performance at work is likely to be boosted, which would be fetching accolades. Meeting a person of help is also likely to happen during the day.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): Life at family front is likely to remain normal, provided you don't bring work and its aspirations at home.

Forcing upon your perception as the only way right wont be a good thing to do, be open to advice, but follow your gut feeling.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Your love life will be good today, and you are likely to settle an old pending issue.

Your intellect and gut feeling would be guiding you through the day, it would be better to follow them, but being arrogant in talks wont be yielding good results.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Home and your partner would be requiring your attention today, better to open minded and don't draw the outlines when indulging in discussions with your partner, try to be accommodative.

There would be someone to help you at difficult times at work, keeping your spirits high would ensure that signing off the day at work would be good.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): You would be enjoying company of your mate today. Changes done or in process at home may find acceptability if not appreciation.

There would be instances to test your patience and endurance. Keep them intact and close, chances of being a "ok" day from "bad" day may happen at work

Monday, 20 February 2017

Sun in various zodiac sign: Fire in correspondence with other forms of energy

These attributions of Sun, in various Zodiac signs are as an individual is born with, as this technology which imparts of the behavioural intellect further shares the various tools to make not so good combination to be good, and also how to make the good ones better.  

Sun which is universally accpeted as one of the basic source for each and every life to dwell and flourish, in its own dinstinctive way. As each force or energy to dwell, there is a requirement of a potential difference, which means, there should be some difference, so that the energy can flow.
Various Zodiac signs, are the centres of energy, in which there are specific type of energy, in this article, a brief comprehension on how "Sun" responds and reacts to these energies.
Sun in Aries:

 Sun in this sign, is supposed to be exhaulted, which means sun is very powerful, or the energies work in tandom to each other and there is harmony in the syncronisation. But the best placement of Sun is at 10 degrees (as earth is a sphere, which is of 360 degrees, and how you are placed in these 360 degrees, as humans are shaped like a elipsinode).
Aries, which is supposed to be a fiery sign, is comprehending well with the very basic nature of Sun,which is also fire in its type.
The native, who has Sun in his Aries, shall be leading a active life, life in which there shall lots of activities (the conjuctions of other planets on the zodiac will also be determining the nature of activity, whether effort or pacing forward/success), but activity is likley to remain.
The native is likely to remain aloof from the society, and because of the placement of Sun in Aries, which is having higher energy levels, is unlikely to be good listener or good participant. As the very basic nature of "fire" is to engulf what has been offered to it, and ask for more, same shall be holding true for the native too, its likely to lead the native also enduring for more as what all has come is consumed.

Sun in Taurus:

 Taurus, which in astrology, is supposed to be a neutral sign, a sign which is reflected by "Venus", which is supposed to be a nuetral in its charge, which means anything blending with it, is likely to retain to its original charge, which means, sun will be preserving its heat and light even when placed in this zodiac sign.
The native is likely to remain lazy, as the flow of energy, in this combination, tends to neutralize the energy which has been flowing in between sun and venus, thus more inclined to be placed at one place, than being a wrangler as was the case when sun was in aries.
Sun, being the dominant energy source, the person is likely to be true to its words and commitments than drafting an excuse to backtrack.
Sun in Gemini:
 Blend of Sun and Mercury (which is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign) is likely to help the native be intelligent and is to have easy grasping prudence of the subject, than most of other combinations.
Even in this case, Sun is the source of the flow of energy, but isnt well corresponded, as mercury happens to be more on the neutral side than its negative proportion. The native this kind of placement of Sun, is likley to coward, but would be intellectual, but without its reflection in its physical persona.

 Sun in Cancer:

 Moon a watery planet in its nature, is blending along with Sun, in this zodiac sign, where the fire and light of Sun is reflected by the moon (as is the case in the cosmos), which is better than what Sun was able to do in Taurus and Gemini, but not as good as Aries.
The dominant amongst Sun and moon, would be moon, as it happens to be the resident type of energy in that energy centre, due to which it is likely to make the native shy and exteremly moody in its nature.

Sun in Leo:

 Sun is the resident of this sign, the zodiac which is associated with sun and fire is the main quality of this sign. The potential difference between the degrees/strength of the zodiac sign and the degree/strength of Sun will be deciding upon how the flow of energy would be, which would be deciding factor upon how the native would be leading the life.

Sun in Virgo:

Like Gemini zodiac sign, Mercury, is the ruling force of this zodiac sign, which makes the native to be intelligent but conservative. The attributions of Gemini zodiac sign are likely to be the same, provided the placement of Virgo in individual's horsocope is amicable for these qualities to be there.

Sun in Libra:

Venus, is the governing planet/energy of this zodiac sign like what is the case was in Taurus. The syenergy of Sun will be correpsonded by the neutral nature of Venus.
The native is likely to be too considerate and passionate about the feelings of others, and would be taking longer than usual to reach a decision, which would be reflective in its accomplishments in life.

Sun in Scorpio:

 The ruling planet/energy of this planet is same in nature as Sun, which is fiery, which makes the placement too amicable for Sun to convey its force as it is well corresponded with the resident energy.
The features of Aries sign can be apprehended to be synnomus to the one of Scorpio, apart from that Sun in this sign will make the native too vulnerable to any emotional flow, which is likely to hamper the growth of the native.

Why do we struggle

Why do some people tend to struggle more than the others, in order to reach the same conclusion, what is the thing which is so remarkable that it happen to have a mark in deciding upon the efforts involved, right from their extent to their intensity. What is the thing which creates this divide between the people who happen to have a safe sail whereas the others always end up in turbulent waters. Is it a thing which is something which is decided by force(s) with external intrusions or that is in the person(as all of living beings are made up charge) who is not a able to create enough attraction for the thing to come to it.

The physical body, which is comprehended to be something which doesn't belongs to us, and the human’s in general are something who have just taken this form and in that sense has obliged Mother Earth and also the “life”, which the person happens to be living. This physical body, is the basis the strata of the everything and all the things which happened, happening or are speculated to happen in the future, and it is this physical body which shall be experiencing the entire results, of it, then why is it so, that it is believed that there's something other than this body which will bring the desired/un desired in the sequel of events to happen to this body. Let's first understand, even if the belief of “me” being some other entity than physical body is true, even then this physical body is the thing which is carrying/ferrying this “me” all the time, metaphorically, its like a vehicle who's carrying you from one location to another, but that vehicle needs to be fit enough and in proper running condition to be able to execute the ferrying, if not, you are likely to abandon it and take a newer one. And secondly the comfort during the journey period is also a important issue taken into consideration before really hopping on to it. And for any vehicle to move and move smoothly, the proper lubrication of the parts is one of the most important aspect,Like wise, if this “me” is you and your body is playing the role of vehicle, even then you need to take care of it, so that it gives better performance and comfort, and the destination can be apprehended as the things which this “me” tends to accomplish, and the lubrication is better harmony amongst the planets/energies within the body, who need to work in a synchronised manner for getting the things organised/done. 

There are always various measures of achieving any task, likewise, to get the harmonious sync amongst the planets/energies, various technologies and corresponding tools have been in use, and have evolved with the changing times. Their modes of operantis have changed, but the science and the technology, happens to be working on the same principles, as the humans happen to have the same genetics as they were since pre medieval times. Adoption, of this technology to achieve the science, has been developed by the development of social set ups. Wearing a Belgium Ruby wasn't such a easy case in US, till the recent times, when the societal set up has made it possible. 

There are various tools at easy disposal, which can be used to make the things smoother and easier for the person to dwell a better life, these tools can range from creating a specific pulses within the body (mode of prayers), to wearing hierograms or gem stones to make the energies behave better for “me”. Most of the tools now have a emotional and sacred tag, attached to them, which has restricted people to move ahead of the present set of tools to the better ones in the offering, or graduating from crutches to walking on their own. 

In all the religions, there is set of prayers, a specific set up of words which are meant to recited in a particular manner to yield or induce a certain vibration into the energy centres or to stimulate them in a specific manner. As the issue has always been, people tend to forget that each body has different permutation on the behaviour of these energy points/planets (that's also reflected in the natal chart, which is always different for each individual) and the process of prayers or even the kind of recitation words need to be different for different identities, as the concept of being sacred and emotional bounding is so strong that they cant be broken to develop a different procedure. 

In order to make ones life to be better in a specific way, the measures undertaken have also to be specific in their nature and cant be generalised, which would result in struggle for some and success for few. 

Day: As it would be 20 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to experience the events as predicted. For specific predictions and further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): Love is in air for you, and most likely you would be surprised during the day with the kind of emotions which would be flowing towards you.

New association at your work place would be very fascinating, keeping a breathing space is always a good measure.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): New ideas are likely to be emerging. Your communication skills would be taking the centre stage, just keep a check on the content of your communication, as soft speaking today, will lead to newer and productive acquaintances.

What may seem to be good may not be so, in reality. At work place remember to first place your foot firmly before lifting the other one.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20):  Your communicating skills is likely to make you take the centre stage, and your blending your intellect with communicating skill would be making it perfect for you today.

Be cautious about how you project yourself at work place, any loose move, is likely to result down streaming your stature.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Your charm, enthusiasm and confidence would be high today, expression would be a thing which you need to work upon today. As lack of expressing thing, may be requiring some effort for the day.

There are chances you several new things drawing your attention towards them, better to be sticking to careful and comfortable stepping than steeple jumping.

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): Love, would be keeping you excited through the day. Your partner/spouse would be expressing their feelings, which is likely to keep you impressed and happy.

Your concentration is the thing which would be requiring most of concentration/attention, as its likely, that several things would be daunting or occupying your mind, which isn't a good thing at work.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): You would be reciprocating love and affection, which you would be getting from your partner/spouse.

Your intellect will be the thing on which you would levy your trust, and reach the conclusion, of event being a illusion or reality. Be cautious.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Today you are likely to have a fine day with family, things are likely to remain this way through out the day.

Your confidence and your success rate may sweep you off your feet, but keeping them firmly on the ground, would be beneficial today and for future. No one is indispensable, so be humble and gracious in your approach.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Your imaginary habit may be misleading sometime today. Better to plan not fantasize.

Changing things would be better today, if change isn't possible today at least a move towards changing the habits should be contemplated.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): You would be more into supervision mode today at home, as you would like to see the things to happen more than being spoken.

You would be preferring some changes today, things are likely to remain smooth at work place.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19):  Your temperament, would be leading the day for you. Better to keeping a smile than anger, things are likely to smooth down.

You are likely to be clear in your perceptions and actions.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Your plans may not be fetching approval in family, trying to conveying with logics should be a better option.

You would be enjoying your day at work.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19) : Speaking about your thoughts, would be helpful in clearing out the haze.

You are likely to be pleasantly surprised at work place today.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Day as it would be 19 Feb

These predictions are general in nature, and people born in the first quarter of the month are likely to find these predictions more befitting than others. For specific predictions and further assistance omnialmighty@outlook.com 

Aries (Mar 20-Apr18): Starting something new wont be a good thing for today, try to complete the tasks/projects on hand, as it would be more relaxing the feel of having no pendency.

The feel of starting something new or urge of moving ahead, will be dominating, just keep harmony with others too, as it always requires corporation to complete a task.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Love would continue its smooth flow today too, and there would be feeling of solace and harmony with spouse. Single living are likely to meet someone, who can sweep them off the floor.

Finances will be a issue today, and is likely to be bothering you, controlled spending would be a wise thought.You mood is likely to affected by the moods of others.

Gemini (May 20-Jun20): Love and response from your spouse would be marking the day for you, and would keep you in high spirits. You would be wise in checking the facts than just being tempted by the ideas, this mood is likely to be more on the financial aspect.

Your thorough and deep and analysis will be the "tool" for the day. As before trying anything new, you would be thinking of the entire process than just jumping in for the swim.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul 21): The relations which are pivotal, would be clearing up the disputes and this would be of great help for your mood and growth. Family is likely to be cooperative and would be adhering to your suggestions. Your communication skills will be marking the day.

At work/profession being cautious would be better, don't take the things/people by their face value but by facts, would help.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): Having itchy feet feel wont be too good, try not get bothered by the standstill or slow moving pace, thinking and acting patiently would be highly beneficial.

What and how the work place would be today, is dependent upon your behaviour. The results are likely to be directly proportional to your acts and reactions.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): You would be positive in your outlook, don't believe that what you say is the ultimate truth. Be open to suggestions and don't feel offended when corrected. Remember what you know today, was also told by someone earlier, keep the student alive within yourself, and continue with your positivity.

Your patience and sobriety would be tested at the professional front, perseverance would be the key for how you would like to shape up your day.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22): Today would be a day when things/events are likely to test your patience and endurance, as new path to move is likely to pave in.  Don't loose heart, and keep the spirits high, as when the trees shed their leaves, it always is an indication of spring season round the curve.

Hearing yourself while speaking would be the best exercise at work, check your words and emotions before conveying/expressing.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): The day would be like a bouquet of flowers, leaving you with the choice of choosing amongst buds and thorns. Be patient and don't try to ensure to have a solid grip on the things, leave a breathing space for yourself and for others too. Don't push around.

Planning your profession, would be a good thing. Just be cautious of not ignoring the details before deciding.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20):  Emotions and family would be requiring your sincere attention and considerations today. Act in favour of harmony to prevail, and don't be stubborn to push around with your perception.

Today would be a day to try the loose ends, don't decide with conformity as you are likely to be ignoring few artifacts at work. Don't be conclusive, let the discussion continue, even if its with you.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Your generosity would be high today, and you are likely to remain in your saint mood through out the day. Better to wise in spending, even if you are spending within the family or for someone who is very close to your heart.

You would be surprised to know your planning skills, as the results would astonish you. But don't get carried away by them, all when done doesn't lead to success every time.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Be careful of how to deal in with financial matters, keeping the things straight will help today and in future.

At work you are likely to fetch appreciations, keeping the emotions within limits, is always wiser.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): A trivial issue can lead up to rift in the family, try not to be too egoistic with your words.

Being miser in speaking would be of great at work, as you are likely to spoil the taste, if you speak ex tempo.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Day as it would: 18 Feb 2017

These prediction are general in nature, as to how a certain Zodiac sign would be behaving. People born in the first quarter of the month would be finding it more suitable than the ones born later. For further assistance contact at omnilalmighty@outlook.com

Aries(Mar 20-Apr 18): Today money flow would pleasantly surprise you, money coming from some unknown source is likely to happen. The expenditures would be requiring your attention.

You would be inclined on spending something on luxuries, irrespective of your social and financial status. Gain in respect towards you, will be boosting you up and would increase your output.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Renewing love, life and romance would be key issues which are likely to happen for and with you today. Money is likely to travel towards you today, and in some instance, the source would in itself be a puzzle to solve. With lady luck favouring you, just enjoy the day.

Someone wont be too happy with your charm's today, and would prefer you to be in with them/him/her in the depressing state. Try to keep your morals high at work place, and believe yourself.

Gemini(May 20-Jun20): Finances would be improving for you today, being happy with oneself, is a lesson that you need to teach yourself today. Care about others but don't try to make them the source of your very existence.

Don't try to cling on to something/someone, you have a individual role to play, don't worry, cosmos is dynamic in its nature.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul21): Try not to let your social acquaintances affect your personal life, different intensities require different reactions.

People in specific or in general would be more interested to block your professional moves today, just keep your spirits high and keep focusing on your target.  

Leo (Jul 22_Aug 21): You are likely to be inclined towards mystic today, try and demarcate between ego and self esteem. This division would help enhancing your life and also lit you up, in a surprising way.

You would be more interested in resolving long pending issues, friend or enemy is what you would like to clarify at your work place instead of carrying on with long cold war. Keeping your perspective clear and sound would embark upon, the way you would like the day to be for yourself. 

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21):  Your financial status would be testing your intellect today, as the perception of things likely to happen next is the key to a smooth walk. 

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Long pending monetary issues will be giving you way today, which would be adding to your charm. There would be issues, which may act as blockades but with your enthusiasm you would be resolving them.

You would be full of charm today, and would like to extend it to others by keeping yourself in the orators role, but the chances of scoring a role are better when you pass the ball often, stop talking just before its more than enough.

Be optimistic, is the lesson which you would be teaching yourself. Don't get too much into results, things take time to attain the desired shape.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20):  You would be having great concentration today, high time to address the long pending issues, which would be requiring this attribution, of concentration, from you.

You would be wise enough in your actions and wont be trying something dangerous, as there is a very thin line between thrilling and dangerous. Try to keep the things well in control and be in command of emotions instead of letting yourself and their wimps and mercy.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): Seeking expert advice on something in which you aren't too versed will help, discussions will be marking your day. Your enthusiasm will be high, but just keep your emotions in control.

Your gut feeling will be of great help at work today, try to avoid the people who would be having negative approach towards you. Keep yourself continue in this positive approach towards life and other things.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19):  Pleasant escapism wont be too good a idea, just believe what you know, and having a new relations, today isn't the day to have them.

Your charm, enthusiasm and humour would be great for the day, and these three will be making you adorable through out the day. Old enemies are also likely to be affected with these three, and if not friends immediately they may turn their perspective as of neutral for you.  

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):  How successfully you can keep cool and perseverance, will be deciding your day for you today. The stronger you are in your self the better it would be, keep believing in yourself doesn't entitles you to make the others also lead the life as you do. Extend respect to their individual identity, and you shall be witnessing yourself more happy than before.

Living life to the hilt, will be the thing for you today. Enjoy yourself and your company more, as its only you who wont dupe/dump yourself and the time of crisis.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19):  You would be getting along with others today, and your forgiveness and forgetful nature would be key assets for making life smooth for yourself and your partner. You are likely to be happy with your spouse/ partner today.

Curiosity kills the cat, is the phrase which you need to keep telling yourself. There would be instances, when your impulsive nature would be trying to take the command, don't let your intellect down, keep riding the intellect don't try to adventurous.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Day: As the day it would be

These predictions are general in nature, as they are based on affects of planets to various Zodiac signs, which should not be comprehended as person specific. However these predictions are likely to more suitable or true to the people born in the first quarter of the month, but having individual natal chart evaluated should be adopted for making the things shape up better. For further assistance and queries, contact omnilamighty@outlook.com,

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18): The desire to succeed will be high today but everything comes with power. There would be lots of changes happening around you, and you would be trying to adopt to the changing scenario. Your confidence level will be high and will keep you on the move.

At work level you be coming up with great ideas, and even with half a chance, you will be grab it and would be trying to expedite it with success.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19):   Chances, dreams and adventure will the three things marking the day for you today. Family associations will be demanding a lot from you today. Legal issues will be taking more of your time during the day, and you would be flooded new and innovative ideas. Your health would be demanding your attention, today.

Old dispute with some at your work place would be consuming more time today. Your diplomacy would be tested today, of how you would be able to put across your words without ruffling your feathers.

Gemini( May 20- Jun 20):  The wish to progress would be high today, there is good understanding between you and your life mate during the day. Be accommodative for the changes, instead of wondering about.

Don't try to stretch yourself and your imagination into tomorrow, try to live the day as it is. Situations don't remain the same ever, so don't worry too much about tomorrow, there would be a new sun shine tomorrow.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Today patience will be your biggest asset, which would be leading to gains in money matters. Don't try to find shortcuts, just enjoy the process as you would be enjoying the goal.

There would be resistance from your adversaries at your work place, regarding the changes which propose to implement. Try not to make it a personal issue, and welcome suggestions. Sometimes adversaries, can also suggest something correct.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): Travel and picnics would be marking your day today, and with your inherited gentleness you would be to resolve long standing misunderstandings, just pay your heed to your personal issues.

At work you should be cautious of avoiding any altercation, and this avoiding would lead you to have a enjoyable time.

Virgo ( Aug 22-Sep 21): You would be enjoying proximity with your parents, elder people, and today they would be endorsing you who had been your biggest critics. Relaxing would be the thing which would be the "key" for you today, the more you remain relaxed the better it would be for you.

At work place your imagination would be playing the driving force and you would be enjoying success due to your capabilities.

Libra ( Sep 22- Oct 22):  Faith and growing interest in occult will be driving the day for you, try to be decisive, don't try to brush the things under the carpet to be taken sometime later this may lead to some issues cropping up negative for you. Don't try to be extravagant in your behaviour during the day. Domestic issues are likely to be resolved today.

Today you will be having a fantastic day for you at work, you would be making fine at work.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20):  Today food, and family would be mark happiness for you. Avoid interactions as in regard money matters. There would be spark which would be beneficial for you today, and would lead you to true caring.

Avoid pushing your point too much with your boss irrespective howsoever strongly you may feel on the subject, as this may end up being negative,

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): Try to keep the emotions in control, don't let them flow uncontrolled. Try taking the domestic responsibilities in a positive way instead of frowning over them. Discipline will be impetus for the day.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19):  Patience and passion will be overwhelming, but try to keep them in control. Beware of your belongings. Praise and appreciation will be lending much desired confidence to you.

At work things will be smooth and happy for you, and today will be marvellous for making into new opportunities. Taking new initiative would be a good thing.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): The charm of life and work would be leading your mood, and your dynamism would be leading into new ventures inspite challenges and hurdles. Peace would be remaining with you throughout the day.

At work, don't try to revolt against the authority, as this wont be too good for you. Avoiding altercations would be best feature to adopt for the day.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 19):  You may get inclined to tangle into a secretive love affair, try not to push the events into conclusion when they are still into the making/building up process.

There would be new developments likely to happen for you based upon some information. You should be aware, of not trying to stepping into aura of others. Be cautious about how you would be perceiving the new information as every things in multi dimensional in its existence.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Day: As it would be

These predictions are general in nature, people born in the first quarter of the month are most likely to find these general predictions matching their day unfolding. Predictions should be taken specifically and any remedies should be specific than in general. For further assistance queries andarstanding3@gmail.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18):  Today all the day through you would be on the go as the events are moving at a faster pace, than you would have anticipated. Friends would be inducing charm and humour during the day.

Today the higher energy levels will be marking the day for you, your bravado will be pushing you into next zone of energy. Inspite of being on the move all the day through you will be in a fine fettle.

Taurus (Apr 19- May19):  Today you will be able to clear out the things, as the things which were not traceable/visible but were playing a role, are likely to be clear today.

Trying to limit yourself isn't a bad thing, stretching beyond a certain limit, often results in failures. Try not to commit too much at one time, take the things easy and light them up for yourself.

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): Some good news is likely to come your way, and your creative and communicating skills to boost up today.

You are languishing to bring in a certain change, but a influence happens to be holding/resisting this positive change to happen, try and find out the reasons, in order to break the resistance.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul21):  You are likely to enjoy the event while executing it, which will be keeping you in good spirit. 

You would be comfortable for completing tasks using your imaginations, but too detailed a subject may not be too interesting.

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21):  Love shall be bringing charm and excitement for you today, money will be in flowing during the day, would be wise to tuck away something for later use.

There are chances of some project which you are banking upon to be turned down, keep your spirit high, the world doesn't ends with that project.

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): The plans of newer source of income seems to be in offering today, try to conserve and preserve cash in hand, till the next flow is ascertained.

You would be quite clear in your perspective today and you need to spell it out for people to know that how you expect them to behave, just be cautious about the choice of words.

Libra ( Sep 22- Oct 22): Your ability to judge and patience would be in conflict today, its better that you let your patience win as being too critical wont be good.

At work you would be too enthusiastic to communicate, keeping the things within limit always prove to be better than just flowing without control.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20):Try not to be guided by the spur of the moment, try and ease out things for you. Taking tasks in a comfortable pace would be more cherishing than acting haphazardly.

At work, lady luck happens to smile today for you, good news is in offering for the day.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): Try keep your spirits high, things will shape out well by keeping them high.

There would be many aspects of life demanding your attention, your enthusiasm will make the things happen for you, try not to be over explanatory.

Capricorn ( Dec 21- Jan 19): You would be passionately diplomatic today, and would be impressive with your communicating and verbal skills.

You would be moody for the day, try to take the things the way they are and not to be sulking.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Cooperative efforts will be marking the day for you today, financial conditions are likely to improve and you are likely to save.

Try to take the responsibilities in a positive way and don't get bowed by them, constraints are likely to be there.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): Your enthusiasm and vigour will be high today, and you would be expressing well today even without using more words, just try not to be too emotive in your actions.

You would be clear in thoughts while at work, your confidence levels are likely to remain high today 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Various energy points or planets in different perspectives

Sun is on of the major planet, which has major impact or prudence in our lives, and the visible sun has its imperical impact on all the forms of lives, from the moving ones to the ones which are supposed or apprehended to be non movable. So called primitve science of astrology, for understanding the individual and his/her energy levels, twelve houses with seven prominent energies, and to be easily marked, have been named by populous ones, elaborates about how the individual will have things, right from the basics of his personality, digestion, talking abilities,profession, family, children  to the higher levels of spiritual quest to other formulations of one being. 

To start this comprehension (some known to most yet to discovered):

Sun in the first house: 

First house which is comprehended to be the house of physical projections, and its physical being, is understood if planet Sun is placed there is supposed in a very good position and is bound to confer the native with a very good health, provided it is in conjunction with some retrogatory planet, either being placed in the first house or in various other houses impacting the first house. The native having the sun in their first house in their natal chart, will be progressive in their relations and would be enjoying warmth and sobriety with all the people apart from being a charm within his/her family. The native will be obedient to the elders and will have great affinity towards his/her father, and father will remain the main focus during his/her entire spree of breathing in and out. The native is also comprehended to be blessed with a spouse of high morales and ethics, which will be a driving and supporting force for the native and for the family in addition to the children born out of this relation. The native will be magnanimous in his/her being and will be charming and frank in expression, either by the choice of expressing either by words or actions. 

These attributions are physical in nature, but if we dig deeper, and explore how this placement would be affecting the individual, as on the terms of energy levels and how the structure or the body will be taken or understood. The individual, who has Sun in the first house of its natal chart, will be having no issues as in regard to digestion and would likely to remain free from the diseases like cold, and would be having high immunity towards influenza or diseases which are caused by displacement of levels of sputum. The gut feeling of the person, or the power to know the next move or having feel of how the process would result in is very high and mostly accurate, if the gut feeling isn't blended with the desire. There should be no problem in fertility of the person, as the heat within the body is likely to remain high/normal, and shall remain relatively warm even during extreme winters, and sweat is likely to remain odour free. 

Sun in the second house

Sun in this house, comprehension of the individual as in accordance as depicted by the virtue of its natal chart, reflects that the native won't be too wealthy, if money is the prime consideration of being wealthy is concerned, but would have a legacy to him. The relation of native and its father would be Luke warm, and the inherited property coming his/her way isn't said to be a smooth affair, and litigation in property is on the cards for such a person. But if the placement of sun is without any malefic conjunction, then there would be riches but disputes in the family are likely to remain. Astrology science further elaborates on this, children of such a person are likely to be good in ethics but are likely to face issues with their progeny.

If we comprehend the affect of sun in second house, means if the Sun is in second phase in its energy, then the person wont be happy with his digestion, it doesn't mean that there would be a issue with digestion but certain eatables don't seem to be befitting for consumption of such an individual, food articles like wheat and barley wont be acceptable for the person. The fertility rate of such a native is in a mediocre state, which is neither good or bad, but there are tools/remedies for such a person, and there would be lesser effort required for person to be progressive. 

Sun in the third house

Sun in the third house, is comprehensively good for the family and the warmth in the relations is likely to be prime. Would be having a very charming personality and his/her words would be having great significance and would prefer to speak truth and winning his/her way up, than by using lie as a plank to succeed, the thought would always be of introspection before occulting.

As in regard the placement of Sun in third house, in the physical realms means, the person would be less in stamina but would be putting effort to rise up the endurance. The natural muscular strength of the native wont be too big a thing to be boosted about, but the native will be too inclined in keeping himself/herself in shape. The fertility wont be an issue, and his communicative skills would be requiring refining before the native attains good oratory skills, but still the would be languishing to speak spontaneously.

Sun in fourth house

Sun in fourth house, in astrology its said to be the house of natural mother, whereas sun happens to depict father of the native, says good for the native. The native is predicted to be having a government job (during the old medevial days, job at kings corrodium was of prime respect), but in this modern setup it can be comprehended as native to be having a very respectable job and remunerations would also be speaking high for the person.  The native is predicted to remain cool and sober in his actions and in his functionaries. The person would be inheriting huge property, and would also be building his own immovable property during his prime times. 

As in regard, if sun is in fourth house, which means, that the person will be very expressive and his body is said to be healthy and muscular. The body heat will remain in the healthy parameters, and the fertility will require some remedies, like wearing of Shree Rudraksha corresponding to that placement or wearing a Ruby can also be a substitutive tool. Digesting a certain eatables are likely to remain an issue with the native who has Sun in fourth house in natal chart. 

Sun in the fifth house

If the Sun is placed in the fifth house,  the person is to be intelligent in his perception and would be well versed on many subjects in addition to the one in which he is qualified for. The relationship of such a native with his/ siblings aren't too good in taste, but would be too willingly to sacrifice his/her happiness for its progeny. The native is likely to remain afflicted with adversaries through out his/her spree of life, but by virtue of warmth of Sun the triumph shall remain a solemn property of this native. 

As in regard the comprehension of Sun in fifth house with respect to the body of energies, the native is likely to remain high in spirit and shall be possession of a special feel by which the native would be able to read between the lines very easily and the digestion shall not be an issue, and the fertility rate is more likely to be good. The person is likely to be more happy during the winter seasons than summers and the internal body heat would be compelling the native to stimulative than receiver. 

Sun in sixth house

Sun in sixth house as per astrology speaks well about the native, the person is likely to be highly educated and well trained intellectual, but is likely to be attracting enemies too with his charm as he would be charming his friends. The native is likely to remain wealthy throughout his/her life but wont be too blessed as in regard the health aspects are taken into consideration. The native is likely to be very lucky for its father and would be in immense love with its mother and the same emotions are likely to reciprocated from these two too. 

As in regard, the energy levels of the person is likely to be lethargic and the person is more susceptible to sputum related diseases. The cure for the flaw of depreciating energy can be corrected by Surya Namaskar, of consuming Sun charged water. But before undertaking any of these remedies the conjunctions are/should to be considered. 

Sun in seventh house

The native who has sun in the seventh house is likely to be very charming and would be attracting lots of attention from the opposite gender, and would also be too inclined to have extended relations even after marriage, which would be affecting the family relations to a larger extent. 

If the sun is in seventh house in the natal chart of the native, then the internal energy wont be too good as what it is born with. This inherited energy is likely to have adverse affect on intestinal organ, but a daily morning walk in synchronisation with rising sun, dawn, would be a very measure to affiliate the energy to a positive note.

Sun in eighth house

Sun in the eighth house, the native would likely to remain affected with eye trouble, and the relation of the native with his father wont be healthy. Astrology reflects that such a kind of native would be loosing lots of wealth,but would be inoculating occult intellect. 

As in regard the individuals bodily perspective when sun is placed in eighth house in the natal chart, says the person would be more into uncontrolled eating resulting in obesity, digestion is good but dryness in the intestines can be cause of worry, but re aligning this inherited form of energy is possible by simple measures of breathing exercises, and this will even increase the fertility levels, which otherwise aren't too good, as born with.

Sun in ninth house

The native who has Sun in its ninth house, is likely to be blessed with the edge of fortune favouring him/her during each and every expedition, and is likely to remain wealthy all life. The native is likely to be travelling over seas and would be fortunate to have a good and loving family. 

As in regard the energy levels, the person is likely to have a very digestion and would be commanding a very charming vibes and the native is likely to have issues with his/her intestine. The flow of energy within the body is to remain unhindered, and the body temperature are likely to remain in the normal state, the affect of cold is unlikely to happen.

Sun in tenth house

Sun in tenth house will make the person very fortunate, intelligent, intellectual, famous and wealthy. The native would be professional and would be pursuing a career which would be based on the intellectual levels. The native is likely to maintain high social status and would be commanding the things, which ever he/she would be engaging in. 

As in regard the bodily expressions when Sun is in tenth house of the native, the person is likely to remain very high in energy and would be having a well formed muscular body,and would be high in energy to the extent of changing the situations by even its instinct and zeal. There would be no issues with his intestine, which will be remain well lubricated, which would be handy in rise of profession and family life.

Sun in eleventh house

The native who has Sun in eleventh house, will be high in intellegience and would be able to express its intelligence to actions which would be ensuring successful career and profession. But there would be some issues of concern with its family, which would remain a issue with the natives mind, may it be in unconscious one, but likely to keep daunting.

When Sun is in eleventh house of the native, then the person may have some issues, like migraine. But keeping a healthy way of life, by exercising to the extent of sweating would be a good measure to curtail the ill affects of the inherited energy.

Sun in twelvth house

When Sun is in the twelvth house in the natal chart of the native, he's likely to be settling in some other place than his original place and will be succeful in his ventures. 

As in regard the bodily expressions of the placement of Sun in twelvth house, says the native is likely to be affiliated with issues of low energy levels which can be affecting eyes, concentration and memorising abilities. 

Day: As it would be

These predictions are general in nature, and people lying in the first quarter of the zodiac sign are likely to find the prediction more accepting. The prediction are suggested to be done in specifics, for which and any other assistance we can be approached on andarstanding3@gmail.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18): Your family and spouse would be demanding more time from you, which would taking out time from other important things, which can be bit dicey. Your income today is likely to be on the happier side today, but if uncontrolled, the expenditures would be matching its tune and frequency.

Committing too much into a task wont be too good a idea today, as it may hinder the way the results show up. Your inner strength seems to be guiding you all the way, the enthusiasm is high, just keep your horses in control and don't let yourself be overworked and over stretched. 

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19):  Today you would not only be solving the long time haunting problem, but also would be able to distinguish between the cats and the pigeons. The day will be commanded by your intellectuals.

Today is the day for you to make the best of yourself, today any debate would be yours.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20): Your personal trifles, which have been ignored since long, can be demanding today and all this ignoring of the personal aspects may not act well as in regards your relationship with your spouse are concerned. But you spirit is likely to remain high during the day.

Inspite of your energy levels likely to run low today, you would be commanding the show, and you are most likely to use the openings to the best of your advantage.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Today close acquaintances are likely to flood with new ideas and proposals, but you are likely to keep you calm and serenity. Outdoor activities, are likely to attract you more than usual.

You are likely to be enjoying your work today, but anything beyond certain point may lead you loosing interest in that. Try not to get into too much details of the things.

Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21): Love shall marking the day for you today, and money flow is likely to keep you happy, but tucking away few wont be a bad idea.

The chances of something which you had been hoping upon is likely to be turned down, don't worry, things are likely to shape up for better than anticipated.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21): Money matters may keep you busy during the day, there can be issues coming up, with your savings. But you are likely to venture into plans of future source of income.

Don't think too much, just play a relaxed game, in your professional aspect.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Playing cool and easy shall be the best option for the day, don't try to be judgemental about everything, as there is always a limit to which ones intellect.

You are likely to be succeeding in presenting a positive output at work, just to keep your esteem in your control, and be happy by your efforts instead of blooming up by the accolades which would be coming your way from the others.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): Your professional would be consuming your family time too, there can be some monetary issues, but just try to keep your spirits high, sail safely through the day.

Playing safe, and going through the things in details would be the best mannerism for you. Prevention is always better than cure.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): Today your health can be demanding utmost attention from you.

Try not to be too self righteous as this will make you stand aloof, but you are too willing to lend your ear to others, then you are bound to steal the show. You are likely to be wanting in settling or processing from numerous directions, just keep your cool and enthusiasm.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19): Your diplomatic skills will be bringing lots of cheers from others and also there would be whole hearted support from you from the people commanding and also from your colleagues. You would be passionate and sensual, which would be nothing less than being "romantic"

You would be bit moody at your work place and could end up blaming others, just try and relax and be constructive about the things.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Today will be a cooperative day, and the money issues will be settling down, as they have been a area of concern for you from past several days.

You are likely to remain at the centre stage, but there would be instances when you likely to melt and blend with the background, than being always being at the centre.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): You will be in flexible mood through the day, and would be shifting activities more easily than ever, which will be good for you both emotionally and physically.

Be cautious of your confidence level for the day, as your confidence may prompt you to be shocking others at your work place, with your newer and out of the box ideas.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Day: As it would be

These predictions are general in idea, based upon general behaviour of the planets for a zodiac sign. The person born in the first quarter of the month is likely to experience proximity with the predictions. However the predictions vary from one horoscope to another, and should always remain so. For any further query contact at andarunderstanding3@gmail.com

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 18):  Your patience will be at test today, something isn't too appreciated, will keep daunting your mind, as it is too secretive to be let out in public for solution. This would keep you irritated. But you would like to remain with your family and friends and their advice is likely to keep you balanced, old friends company can also be reason for joy.

You would be able to keep your cool and your traits of negotiations will be marking the day for you at the professional front.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19):  You would be extending your charm, compassion and enthusiasm to others today, and this gesture would be bringing lots of happiness and smiles amongst the constituents of your family. This is likely to happen, at the cost of you changing your schedule for accommodating others.

Your assisting staff may be exposing your work style in office today, which would be leading to some turbulence within you and your professional set up. Not advisable to be levying a blind trust on anyone, keep the new projects for sometime later to start.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20):  Today your efforts and charm is likely to get its due appreciation, and the people in the family and friends would be too candid to express how much they value you. Today is the day which will be a day to remember, however don't let the submissions to get on to you.

Your intellect or arguing trait, will be asking you to get into some kind of debate/argument. How so ever great your point may be, try taking up considering the amendment for sometime later.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): Today is a new fresh day, but somehow there would be someone close to you who would be dealing with you based on the success rate of the previous days, the uncompleted assignments of the previous days is likely to daunt this day for you, which would be testing your patience and sobriety.

There would be lots of people who would be sharing their minds with you today, and these advices and advisors are likely to murky the water more than helping bringing in some clarity. You need to listen to your inner voice, which would lead the way to success.

Leo( Jul 22-Aug 21): You are waiting for someone's signal to initiate things, as the "to do list" happens to be long enough to be confusing. Try to preserve faith in yourself and proceed with the signal from the inner energy than waiting someone to flag it off for you.

Initiation is the only thing which is likely to be time taking, as soon as you initiate with full valour, you are most likely to succeed in major of the tasks.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21):  You would like engaging in talks today, as would be sharing your perspective on number of issues, right from the trivial ones to the ones who would grabbing the headlines today.

You would be engaging into many tasks today, but would likely to get bored of doing it before completing it, as your focus will remain more on the result than the pleasure of being into task.

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22):  Events of the past will be taken up during this day, which is likely to confuse you further, and you can be more irritating than accommodating today. Try not to think too much into the past and live the day as it is.

Things may not be as they seem to be in offering, give your deep thoughts before committing yourself into something new.

 Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20):  Today steaming off will help you and will make your efforts reach next level, be wise to share your fears and confrontations. Try to remain positive while dealing with the things.

Don't mark your adversaries today, as there would be suggestions and remarks both, some of these suggestions and remarks can be from a close friend. Don't let spur of the moment decide the day for you, try and relax and hearing to your gut, will be most beneficial today than ever.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): Your family would be demanding your presence with them today, but the tasks which are time bound in nature will keep your mind occupied, which is likely to affect your behaviour with your family. Keeping with them today is the thing which you want but unable to complete the tasks can make you irritated.

Today, the day, when you would be marking the future course of action, and are likely to have company of a person who happens to share the same wavelength as you have.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19):  Today your inner charm will be leading the day for you, you would be too happy to be disturbed by anyone or any happenings. Just keep your feet firm on the ground, and don't try to plan which is way beyond the reach.

Your conversing skills can fetch you a new friend today at work, as today you will be leaving a mark in your professional attribute.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):  You would like to engage in some kind of social service, or would be extending support to your assistance at home or at work. This will be bringing peace within you and would keep you happy.

At work, try to keep you pace at normal, be careful of not pushing yourself beyond your stamina. Nothing bad in realising the limits, as everything is defined by boundaries.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): Old issues seem to be settling for you today and all those rifts seem to be melting away during the course of the day. Check if your correspondence has been delivered at their stipulated destinations.

Your partner or assisting staff seems to be deliberately directing the delay of the things, give a deep thought before deciding upon putting your foot down or scrapping the very project/idea.


Sunday, 12 February 2017


Life, a journey, signified on the basis of breath, as it is pivotal for evaluating between living and the dead, but what is this breath, why is it that the thing which is the so important to make one to be living or dead. This exercise has been there with each one, right before the other organs were even put to use, breath which was there before the vision (the opening of eyes), the thing which makes or drives the heart to pump, the thing which provides the fuel for the mind to even think leave the thing of being comprehensive, the digestion (which is also directly and indirectly dependent upon breath), why is it that this primary and the most crucial thing remained ignored during the course of life. How many have even checked how the breath behaves, how does it sound or reverberates within the 107 types of bones and equal high numbers of muscles  and tissues.

Breath, which is so very important, that without it or if not in correct magnitude can result from the simple experience of body ache to the level of pragmatism. Why is that this has not been able to have the command in our perceptions when it is the real perceptive, isn't our up bringing which can be said as the reason for ignoring breath, our ourselves, and emphasising more on the things which we are learning from the people who themselves are still languishing to know, why is that we have always believed that what we learnt all the way during the journey, which is calculated by the years months and days passed that this marvel of breath has been there with us. From the enormous opportunities of evolving, the picture of the person is made to be curtailed only to expressed by words, words which are developments of the mankind and often have nothing more "notes"(as music is expressed) in it, apart from expressing the feelings of the moment, but language of silence of the notes of the breath, which keeps the infant smiling mostly during his non learning days or during the days when the infant is in terms with the cosmos more than the people who are surrounding him/her, as the communication then required no facial expressions, just communicating without any adulteration of emotions or feelings without any reason to be communicating, still communicating and happily explicit. 

And later, when the person is versed with the language, and is has been bound or has accepted to curtail the euphoric of life by boundaries of comprehension, its then the quest within takes the centre stage again, and people start their search either by taking the route either by aspect of astrology or taking other measures, often termed as prayers or going for pilgrimages, as somewhere within us the quest of finding that expressions of ecstasy is wanting. Then the suggested measures by others, in which they remained unsucceful, are taken up to quench the thirst of something/someone within us, this quench is also termed as "search of peace" and solace. There are so many measure are offered, and most of them, as the previous methods are reflecting that solace or peace or the quest is of something which is outside not within, that's why, irrespective of the faith, caste, religion or creed the wanderer may be, is lead to things which aren't part of itself. Which makes the quencher, languish more and his apathy is ever increasing as the thing, about which he has some faint but sweet memories within him, but the measure suggested aren't there in their in the memora, which either leads the person ending up questioning the very existence of God or taking up the measure blindly, which is called atheists or thesist, but it isn't that some objects to what the other is/has felt, but the thing is that they both tend to have failed to experience which was so near and part of them. 

Now just before signing off this article,I would be leaving you with a food of thought, if the measures or principles of preaching, in all or any religion, were so significant in their existence, then how was the primitive man, who used to dwell in caves, used to eat uncooked meat or didn't had ghee to light up the lamp or didn't had time to check for the Azaan, or didn't had wine to offer during the mass on Sunday's( as this in itself leads to another question, how did he find which day, Sunday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday) was able to qualify to be a sage, peer, or Son of God. 

These predictions are general in nature and are based on the general behaviour of the planets to the corresponding zodiac. However, people born in the first quarter of these zodiac signs are likely to experience the day as predicted, but as the body is assembling of many organs working in harmony, likewise, for knowing the correct texture of the stars, specific studies are required. For further assistance andarstanding3@gmail.com

Aries(Mar 20-Apr 18): Today you would be in command of your personality, and people and your family be honouring and respecting your efforts, work, today is the day to mark your glory, even amongst those people who always knew you and your efforts, but they never expressed in words. Intensity in the relationships in likely to intensify.

Your lesser words would carry broader significance, those with whom you would be negotiating, will be guided by your words. Choose your words carefully and also their quantum.

Taurus (Apr 19-May 19): Today love and is in the air for you, if you are single you would be getting into passionate affair, and for the wedded ones, today your married life would be completely intense. There would be people who would like to engage with you and take on the subjects, for which you are passionate, and try to understand the details from you, this may turn into a debate which would start as lecture.

You would be able to find the questions, which till now have remained unanswered, and to find the answer you would be posing probing questions, just don't get carried with the instinct of breaking through.

Gemini (May 20-Jun 20): Today, is the day, when the flow is favouring you, and during its course of flow, its ensuring success which may be sudden or unexpected, but development is most likely to arise. Just enjoy the flow, don't try to change its course.

Your temperament would be requiring you utmost attention today, as with the favourable events unfolding today, they are likely to invite/attract prejudice too, and these people are likely to be squabble and snip. Your success is your, don't bother about what people say, just don't heed them any importance.

 Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 21): You would be in joy mood today, and with this frame of mind, you would exploring lots of new ideas, plans today, and these plans would be beneficial to you in the coming future and also in the longer run.

With wearing your joy on your face, you would walking through the day. Smile is infectious, so apart from attracting positive ideas and plans, you would also be attracting prejudice, keep your pace steady and in bewildered.

Leo(Jul 22-Aug 21): Romantic sessions with close family is friends is gonna be marking the day for you, just be cautious with your travel plans.

You would be giving a sincere thought for the career, honest evaluation of helping people would be drawn.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 21):  Today you be cooperating and likely to extend help by special measures. Today you are likely to courter your rivals too. rekindling romance by the evening is on the cards for you today.

In spite of you being the centre of the show, your sanity would make to step back a little, and you would be allowing someone close to you to be at the centre stage, by this you plan to enhance the courage.

Libra (Sep 22-Oct 22): You would be revamping your home today, all the wrongs (as per you) at home will be revamped and today the house will be wearing your designed outfit. Your family would also be wanting your time and attention, and this will strengthen you family ties and emotions.

Your professional attribution will be experiencing the same you, the person who would like the things to shape up his way, but this may be exhausting so just be with the flow and don't try to induce too much of the change.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 20): Your perceptions may not act best for you today, you shouldn't base your ideas and actions on past experience as in regard dealing with people in family and professional front are concerned. Take the present actions in your stride, don't dig too deep to comprehend for the intent of the motives of the actions.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20): People would be calling more for your attention, which is likely to be more in quantum, than you would be comfortable to extend. Negotiations would be not the best deal for you during the day, just try to accommodative with them. Be choosy about your spending.

Your impetus towards your current ambitions and determination for succeeding, and this would be leading the way for some good news coming your way from the professional front.

Capricon (Dec 21-Jan 19): You are likely to remain on the toes during the day, whether it is from your family or the professional front, the call from either or both will keep you on the move. Females and the older people in this zodiac are likely to enjoy authority.

Your professional life, as would be demanding would also be rewarding.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Situations and the people around would be demanding more and more from you, the demands can be exhausting and would be testing your patience.

You would be more than willing to impress someone at work, this may not be the best way, as this would be too demanding from you.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19):  Today the day would be in larger extent, smooth. There are chances situations not behaving the way you would be liking them to behave, but keep your cool, don't worry.

Your intuitive powers are at their best today, you would be understanding the situations and people much better than ever before. Don't allocate much of the time thinking about people and situations, just use this power to shape up the future better.