Saturday, 20 January 2018

Defining death on life's parameter

There have been many a debates and contests, on understanding death, but can it be known or comprehended without its relevance or comparisons to the “living”, isn’t it life which is the basic parameter to understand the concept which is not in the ambit of the defined parameters of life, and commonly connoted as “death”. This and similar sorts of queries have led to the idea of which tends to tilt towards, is there anything which is beyond death, is there anything which can be identified as “rebirth”, is there really anything? The author would like its readers to plunge into it, without hanging onto any concept as what would have been told or narrated by any of the masters who happen to claim to solved all the concepts of life and even the cosmos, but try to dig  not by holding what is known to them, but be free and be without any concepts or beliefs, which are on either side of the line, there is something after death and also not to hold on to that there is nothing after death, lets we, the author and the reader, try to explore within which may be beyond the perils of “within”. 

Before taking your foot forward and start exploring, lets first be clear and we both on the parameters which are defining life, the things which have been accepted for the definition narrating the life. Is movement the criterion for this? Most of the readers would readily agree to it, as this is one of the things which distinguishes the movable with the immovable, and humans as they are in the movable category, have to be in motion to be alive, but what about the people who are specially abled, who require an external assistance for their movement, even they are alive? So the concept of movement is not only the criterion which defines life there is something else which is there, which is narrating life, can that be speech or any of the measures which are commonly used for communication? Now again how about those humans who cant speak, hear, write or see, so are they alive or not, well they are, so even communication is not the concept which is defining life. In the medical terms there is commonly used term, comma, which is when the person is not able to communicate or perform any of the tasks (the tasks which are visible or are by definition of life correlated with it) but is still living, the same can even be stretched further to the people who are on the life support systems, are living but are unable to even gather enough oxygen into their lungs to breathe, but still fall in the category of living and aren’t dead as yet. But all of a sudden that life support system which without any lapse of failure is failing to make the person breathe and all of a sudden all of the organs stop functioning, and all those intra veins pipes who till now have been able to regulate the external supply of the chemicals (commonly referred as medicines) are no longer able to pump in the designated chemicals into the body. There is definitely which has gone missing, from the time when these life support systems were able to perform to the time when the doctors declare the person to be dead, but what is it which has all of a sudden disappeared from the scene of life and resulted the death of that person, if it not communication or movement or the functioning of the organs, is it something which is still deeper a thing which is yet to be known or is it just a belief? The author reserves no authority to illustrate and denote a connotation or name to the thing, and will humbly recluse itself for mentioning it. As mentioned and expressed above in this paragraph, there is definitely something which is defining life, which is beyond the visible or commonly known parameters of life as defined and accepted universally, all the religions of the world have in their own language (depending upon the origin of the religion) have expressed a name to that unknown, which again leads to another question, is that name or connotation known to that unknown or is it just for the sake of addressing it there is hashtag attached? Lets dwell this point further before moving on the basic topic of this write up, which is definition of death, has the reader ever tried calling out someone known or unknown by a vague name, did the specific reader received the same or any kind of response from the called being? Well author didn’t get any response from the person when addressed by a wrong identity tag, which is name in this case, would urge and stimulate the readers who haven’t tried this exercise to try and witness the result, so returning to the connotations as hash tagged by all the religions to that thing which is not known but is paramount and pivotal in its being for the individual to be living, does the reader feels that unknown thing would be aware of its name or term ( as oftenly claimed by masters of the religion, and even there are many who are said to be talking to this unknown and there are others who see them and treat them and people from and with them, who are called ghost readers, but the author would not like to vouch for the authenticity or turn them down either, but would like to mention which is not seen or heard all through the life span how can that seen or heard when not in the body), well it can be its aware and also equal are the chances that it would not be knowing, else why is it that there is no instance when someone has been able to ask that unknown to return (just in case if it goes somewhere) to the same body and make it living, again. 

By discussing the perspectives defining life, which have remained unclear, lets now try and approach them through death with the basic of this write up, which is definition of death, which along with life is defined in the same parameters irrespective of the different religions and faith, who differ in every other thing apart from these two stable and assured bars.  Whenever the body fails to breathe (on its own or through the modern medicine facilitated life support system), its called death, which according to the various religions and faiths is said to be when the “soul”(a term ascribed to the unknown force) leaves the body, and the person is declared dead, which leads us to another question, if the person is dead, then how can the dead person grow nails in length and hair in size? Which has also been established by the modern medicine, that even after the death of the person, the body tends to have growth of nails, hair. Apart from this, even if the body is kept away from the insects, microbes even then there is defragmentation of the cells of the body (as happens to all the people on daily basis, even when they are alive, but in the case of these “dead” there is no formation of the new ones), so what is it that has died, is it the body or is there something else which has just been using this body as a tool all this while, the author abstains from using any connotation to this unknown being or not being, which is the ethos for the body to be termed as “living” and would leave it readers to think there is something, not known to anyone, but has a relevance and would encourage its readers to give it a thought are the pleasures and worries worth to be carried, as both of these anxieties are body relevant. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Meditation: An insight

The concept of meditation off lately has been a much sought after subject, with people across the boundaries of profession and age, have been getting inclined towards it, by its virtue of it, helping in organising the life and making it easier for the individual an easier proposal than the existing one, but the concept of meditation has unfortunately getting associated with the achievements of social world than being a concept in which the dweller is able to find a certain kind of peace and solace within, irrespective of the changing landscape of the events and functions, this modification is somehow similar, to what had astrology turned into, a mere fortune telling, whereas it is the science by which the concepts and procedures of drafting the life, as per socio economics, was guided, and how the individual could capitalise to its full potential and hence contribute to the society in general and specifics.

Meditation, is not just a concentration exercise, and having concentration is not the concept or the end goal, it is in fact a stepping stone of course pivotal in its being, but it in itself doesn’t define meditation. But many a masters, are portraying concentration as the ultimate thing, the task and is now being said to synonyms to meditation, which is leading the society and its constituents misguided, to the concept of meditation.

The author, would restrain itself, for laying a definite impression and speak as an authority (unlike most of the masters the reader would have visited) on the subject, but would like the reader to plunge into the thought, what it is that you are meditating? Mediation, between what? Is what the activist is taking the course for, is there something which is beyond the body and the brain, is there something which is beyond the concepts of the sensory organs, which the activist is trying to explore. Is there something within the body or is there something which is beyond the body, but is enrouted through the body, that is which is being explored by the procedure of meditation, a process in which the beyond are explored, the beyond which isn’t in the ambit of the sense of eye, hear, smell, touch and feel, or is it that the bar of all these senses is increased, so that which in normal course of life isn’t visible is seen, which isn’t audible is heard, and so on.

The author, before taking its reader further into the subject, would like to lay a concept of visibility, which is, anything which blocks the light is visible, so is it that “GOD” also blocks the light in order to get visible? Or is it just a hallucinating concept, which has been expressed, as an object a thing, which has a specific size, shape and also inherits the property of blocking the way of light? This example or notation, was just mentioned to make the reader feel that there is nothing during the correct meditation procedure, which one visualises, as the process of meditation is which, there limits of left aback, and new parameters are adopted and attained. The concept of meditation is exploring beyond the known, as we only hear what strikes the ear drums from outside as we don’t hear the things which are functioning within us, we see only what is outside we aren’t able to see, what it is which is there within each and every being. These being the correlating marks, the first step in meditation is to close your eyes and somehow block your ears, well there are numbers of methods which are there, for doing the above, and there are numerous new ones which have been developed by the masters to make the process easier, instead of approaching it the rightful way.

Meditation, as described and as experienced, is a process in which there is no observations as there is no observer, the body, the energy forms and the mind are in tandem with each other, there is no separate entity, the entire system, the body and the brain work as a unit, and when there is only system, which means the observer, the brain, and the observed the body and the energy forms, are one unit which leads to the state when there is no observer and no observation, a process in which there are no limits (as they are also defined when that is a different entity to the one who has just observed it). Meditation, is in total different from the physical exercise or any concentration exercise (which is of the brain), in which there is a observer of the event and the other is the participant, the breath which is pivotal part for existence, is not another thing, but one with the system, there is no external sound, all which is being heard, felt is just part of the system which comes from no where else, than apart from the system itself, a thing which can be only possible when there is no demarcation, between the “my” and the “self”.

The author restraining itself, from expressing itself to the extent to be laying principles and making it a constrained, for its readers to explore any further on the subject, would just hint on what meditation is, and how it is different from the simple brain exercises which are being articulated in the name of meditation, as the individual who engages itself for meditation would not be duped, and adopts the principles in their illicit structure. Meditation is an art, when there is nothing which comes to you neither it is something to which you take yourself too, its just being one with the system, and making and oneness with all participants, and making them one. Its like a factory which has hundreds and thousands of workers but are one with the brand, and work in tandem for the factory, but unlike the factory, there is no external produce, which means there is nothing which is produced for external use but remains within the system, as it is by the system and for the system, quite similar to how the strategies for the various nations is made, when it is by the nation and for the nation. The entire matrix of the system, is solved, as you are part of the energy system and not an external observer, who is being fed or used by the system.

Lets take understanding meditation to the next level, Ina football field there are players and audiences, but the ability to dribble the ball as per the wish only remains with the players not with the audience, even if the number of audience is much more than the count of the players, as the players are part of the game and the audiences are just the observer, when you are able to become one with your system, it is only then that you are able to dribble the ball (which out here means the nature and manner of life), but if remain an audience to your own life, then there is scope of you having any control of how the game would progress for and with you, even if you are able to figure out how to dodge the defender (which out here means overcoming the obstacles).