Friday, 1 December 2017

Forced Emotions

The humans have since the times, have dissected the concepts and enacted as per the emotions corresponding as the result of those dissections, which has led to their unnatural associations with events, happenings and people. The author would like its readers to carry this statement, through this write up, atleast, and try and figure out is it really the events which are mattering to all or is it just the information as comprehended or contemplated, based on the summary of those events which has been the source of the emotions, and lets also try and find out are the so called emotions real, natural, or just a artificial projections which happen, upon the dissections, done, upon the individual theorems. The author would urge its readers, to take up a thing or just look towards anything, and not speak or read or hear that thing, and if this may sound or appear to be difficult, then atleast not speak it out or in, for the mind to hear, see or interpret to what the eyes saw, or ears heard or the mouth spoke, lets try to behave in the manner of the person who is the in the drunken state, whose synchronisation between the mind and the carrier, the organs, is somehow not in that order, which is supposedly assumed to be normal, and does the reader realises or feels the essence of the word spoken, sentence/sound heard or the thing touched, is the reader, really able to feel anything, is the mind of the reader able to generate any emotions out from the actions of any of the sensory organs, the organs who were just engaged into the thing, of speech, hearing, touching? Is it really that these organs are able to generate any understanding which may be relevant to the brain, which would be enacting on its own, without being told what those actions means or correspond to?

The brain or the mind, is definitely an active organ an active constituent of ones body, and it plays a pivotal role in carrying the mannerisms of life, but the kind of emotions its subdued with by placing understanding of the event, by virtue of the sensory features of the human body, has been a kind of forced engagement for the brain. The author refraining itself, for passing any judgements of how to be manoeuvring the life and laying its artefacts for better and progressive living, as they may have worked for the author, but not necessarily behave the same, universally, but would like to promote the concept for its readers to explore and expedite. 

Lets try and find out, does the mind, really able to understand all the things, all the pains or all the joy on its own, or is it a part of that very system,  the mind, which tells the entire system to enact, and this part is dependent upon the emotions which trigger the pulse for the brain to revert in a forced emotional output. Lets take up an example, there is tears and mourning if there is a death of a person who is part of the family or a friend, and the body reacts by the flow of tears, but is it the understanding on the mind which made the release of tears, or your thoughts, of the past with that dead person, which made you cry, the remembrance of the happy times which you had, and now no scope of repeating them, has made you shed tears? If this is not the reason, of why tears have flowed, then why don’t they flow when you see the funeral parade of the person, who is either unknown or have been envious with you? The understanding or rather the forced understanding of the things, are leading to the thing called as emotions, and these emotions are somehow behaving in an uncontrolled manner, a chain reaction, and producing things as is the specimen, emotion itself. 

There have been many a teaching, lecturers of reflecting the significance of keeping quite during prayers, or even taking it to the level of self control in the field of yoga, but just keeping the mouth shut, is it really quite, as the author is quite certain, the reader wont be reading this write aloud, but isn’t the reader able to hear its own voice? Well thats the thing, which also needs to be kept quite, isn’t this thing which is always telling you about, when you look at something, what that thing means, if you hear a thing what is meaning of that thing, which results in the person to develop or associate a particular emotion with what has just been conveyed. The author would urge its readers, to try and find if there is anything which the mind would know and appreciate, without you passing it on to it?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The doctor within

The human race is always been struggling with one or another kind of distress, either it may be physical, emotional or physiological, irrespective of the nature, but there has been something which isn’t the way it has to be, either the body by virtue of its various organs or by emotional body which could be suffering huge uncontrolled swings between happiness, grief, and emptiness or physiological body which is generating pulsations which are beyond the control and understanding of the self, but irrespective, of what is the reason, but hardly has been any day with most of the readers, that the day has been the way in the manner as it was meant to be, which is comfortable in its being and existence. The reason for these uncontrolled upsurge and flow of the waves, which has been since the medieval times promoted the thought and the need for humans to explore a respite, may it be in form of medicines, which too have been changing their appearances, from herb and nature based to the synthesised ones, the latter known as the modern or the allopathic medicines, in which the subject the body is exposed to some known and mostly unknown chemicals, to the individual, as the stability of either of above mentioned constituent structures of the human skeleton, is attained or is endeavoured to be accomplished. 

But the author would urge its readers, to think, what is it that take cares of these things, when they are in order or we can rephrase the question, what where is missing which is cause of this sickness or illness, in case it is for the structural body? Or have the readers have heeded to comprehend, if the chemical composition of the medicine is unknown to you, how is it that your body knows what that chemical is and how it is meant to observe it conduct after the induction of that chemical into the body? 

Lets try and explore, what is it that knows all those chemical compositions and also knows how and what to change and to what, after the induction or supply of that chemical, as what is being consumed or administered, is not known to all and everyone, assuming its not only the doctors who would falling sick, a statement made in lighter vein, then how come the body of a medicine subject illiterate also knows how to react with the medicine after its administration to the body? 

The author would abstain, leaving any kind of impression or dictate its readers to obey, but would like to lay certain artefacts and would recluse itself, and let the topic be dribbled by the reader to its conclusion, as what may be best suitable for the reader. As to the doctors, physicians of today or medicinal masters of the past, a certain lag or lacking behaviour within and by the body results, in all and any kind of illness or sickness to be there, which can also be read as, that the body failed to naturally release a certain kind of chemical(s) within, and this lagging of the body to secrete or release that chemical is met by either directly bombarding the body with that specific chemical, as in case with allopathic medicines, or stimulating the body by virtue of herbs, shrubs or other natural constituents, who enact in association with the body, and release the desired chemical for the normal functioning of the body. 

Apart from the above mentioned modes and methods, the author, would also like to take its readers on more primitive way, which is associated with the east, which of lately been also accredited by the west, which makes the fact into “truth”, the method of gemmology, which has been accredited by the concept of “VIBGYOR” and in this like the above mentioned, a external object is placed or worn, which results in stimulating a specific organ or certain mood and the lag of the body to secrete chemically is substituted by external aid. 

Digging deeper into history of the man kind, there is yet another method by which well being is attained, and this method has grasped large volumes in the scriptures of the east, and now the professionals of the west are also accepting its relevance and trying to figure out, more easier ways of how to perform or achieve the results, apart from the disciplines as mentioned in the those scriptures, “The Vedas”, by its method narrates how a body is capable of healing itself by undertaking certain measures. The author, would like to take its readers for de tour and reproach the subject in specific later, there are around 5 million new cells formed everyday in a any human being, and each of this cell is capable enough of taking the uncontrolled way, this process is known as cancer, but the body apart from generating these new cells is also generating a chemical which is keeping the multiplication of these cells in controlled and regulated manner, so that the production of the body is aiding in the well being of the body, not making it sick instead, if we go deeper, even the formation of the new cells is controlled by certain secretion of chemical, which is absent results in absolving of the tissues, which means the body of the person is dissolving by itself, now entering the main subject again, that there are measures as mentioned in the vedas, by which each and every person can achieve well being, provided they are performed in their correct tone and texture. The methodology of hymes called mantras, meditating on the organ which is responsible for the secretion of that chemical along with reciting specific stimulators, are few and summary of how to undergo or endeavour, or approaching the “doctor” within. How ever the author would not like to summarise any further for its to be impressionable, but would appreciate it the readers could earnest by drawing their own logics by this write up.   

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Why there is disparity in happiness

There always have been a question, which has been posted to me by my readers and also during the live interactions by my audience towards me, which is, why some people are happy and the others are sad. This question has always been holding the centre stage in each and everyones life, irrespective of where they are, what they do or even to what so ever faith and religion they may associate themselves with, but it always remains the point of concern and gruesome worry for all. Before the author urges its readers to dwell into the reasons of why this is there, the author is hinting for the very existence of this kind of emotion which has led to such a kind of question to come up, which the author would like to resolve with its readers along, is there the reason of absence of certain materialistic things which has led to this thought, or is it with the scarcity of the basic constituents for survival like food, water, which has led most of them struggling with such connotation for their lives, or is it itself, as the question is leading us, that it is in perspective to someone else, a different individual, who according to this questioner, is better equipped or better placed than itself. 

Before trying to explore this so called disparity, with the quantity, quality and the intensity of happiness, lets try and figure out the emotion which is “happiness”, what is it and how is it so relevant and paramount in everyones life, is it a natural product which is there, or is it a synthesised bi product which is formed after, or in other words reaction to some event which has already taken and later this emotion pops up, Is there any natural feeling of happiness, yes, if we may start with a positive and accepting note instead of proving it like a mathematical equation, where the start can be to prove the equation to be wrong. 

Any kind of accomplishment by the self or by someone who is emotionally close to the subject, and also there is some kind of contribution by the subject, then there is a kind of emotion, which can be said to be happiness, which is philosophical way can be said a certain boost to the “ego”, but not undermining the kind of feel generated by associating the emotion of ego onto it, but there is definitely a feel of pleasure, comfort and pride, which is termed as “ happiness”, which if we go by the way this emotion has been there, is by a end result or a bi product of different thing which happened in the past and when the result of that thing was realised and known, then this emotion has come up, which summarises that happiness is not a individual entity but a bi produce of something but more importantly  due to the understanding of the result of the event. Which again takes us to the question, by which the write up started, of how some people have it more and the others have less, and by the summary as just drawn, it means some people have more events happening in their lives and for the others, the carnival of life is having lesser shows, but is it really that way, as in life it is all the same, same number of heart beats per minute same number of breaths, same anatomy, same principles of life and same principles for death too. Which leads the author to engage its reader with a question, in all its sobriety, does your life has lesser occurrence of events in your life than in comparison to the one which is supposedly more happier than the questioner, or is the results of those events which is transcending into?

If the reader is still anxious for the answer, but have reframed the self question, of how and why is there a difference in the results of the events as in comparison to how they manifest for the others, but don’t we sense there is an issue with the manner in which the event has been approached and how it has unfolded as in comparison with the other. Lets take philosophical route of making the thing better understanding, the length of the Dress is dependent upon the availability of the thread, the nature of the thread is defines the dress, like if a silk thread is used then the dress is of silk and same holds true if there is use of cotton thread or any other kind or nature, which makes there is some issue of nature of energy within the individual and its approach, which makes the disparity in the result and also on its bi product, “happiness”. The author refrains from laying any judgement or suggestion which could be impressionable in its being, but would appreciate its reader to think, Wont it better, if the individual approaches the thing, without emphasising on the result instead of laying its emphasis and concentration of the execution of the event, as the author would like to question, if any thing done with concentration of energy yields better results automatically then done recklessly, as driving a car with concentration apart from saving from accidents also saves the car from bumps and enhances the mileage then if the same distance and area is driven recklessly in the same car.  

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Attachment : is it really cause of misery

There have been many a teachings by several spiritual leader of how to undermine and overcome the “attachment”, as this is the first thing which is shared by any spiritual leader and is marked as a hinderance towards the scope of attaining solace, and the term “detachment” is introduced in the lives of the people who are either in the form of the audience listening carefully to that lecturer. But there has been carrying forward on this topic and the reasons of attachment aren’t explained, and the process of not being attached to someone with flesh and bones the attachment is diverted to the being, which has not been seen even the orator himself, but the attributions of profitability are articulated which allure the individual or the conglomerate of the assembled ones, which means the attachment is not taken off, just with whom it is, gets changed, as the dissecting brain of the human, feels better profitability of having those emotions with “GOD” or the lecturer than the individual who was holding the post earlier.

But, the person the individual had gone there for the eradication of the problem, which is there for the reasons unknown to the individual itself, but by the laying of the words as expressed by the lecturer, the point of agreeing is attained, that all what is wrong is due to attachment and this attachment is the cause of all the miseries and despair which is occurring in the life of specific individual or in general with the conglomerate. There has no mention, to make the audience realise why did they, in each of the their specific lives, reach to the emotion termed as attachment, there is no explanation as laid which would explicitly show the reasons, but the target of attachment is changed, which in some physiological weaker people, tends to strike. The author doesn’t undermines the relevance of adopting “bhakti” as a tool of stimulating the hidden energies, but would definitely submit, is it a real solution, as the weakness or vulnerability, would remain, till the time there is cure for it or at least the reasons become clearer for this kind of emotion to be there. 

The author would not like to state any reason, which may try to impress upon the thoughts of its readers, but would definitely ask its readers to see, what can be the probables of having any attachment. Lets try and dig into the reasons of why there is attachment or what is start point of this emotion to get introduced into the lives of the humans and how and where this measure is adopted, of course in unsaid manner, but is adopted. The child who has no understanding of any relation, an infant who is adolescent, and has no idea about who’s who and their importance or relevance in his/her life, but knows how to react and act when the mother of the child extends herself for him/her to feed and satisfy the hunger, this process stretches to the times when the child showers smile towards the person by recognising it by face and odour, which is the start of first attachment, of the child towards anyone apart from his/her survival needs. Lets explore this episode first before taking more complex ones, the reason for the child shall not be understood there is sudden spurge of emotions of divine love or something similar, but even the child who is adolescent in all other worldly measure and etiquettes, but is aware, that this person provides me comfort which I am unable to have on my own, this very genesis of having some kind of comfort, which is not possible by oneself, is the reasons for all other associations followed by attachments which happen in the lives of each and every individual. The sense of security, which may be either in the form of family, friend, spouse, children and even identification with the country (especially when you are in the foreign land, and you happen to come across a fellow countrymen), are probables of attachments, the feel of vacuum or discomfort within the individual is the primary reason for the individual to reflect the emotion of attachment towards the other, and when this attachment is not reciprocated in and with the same frequency, a certain kind of discomfort or friction evolves, as your need to have the association is sufficed by having a certain person, but that person can be languishing for some other kind of comfort which may not be possible in your capabilities, thats when there is unrest in the association which leads to the thoughts of terminating that one and making another one, which due to socio economic reasons may not be possible, and rift widens, disturbing the already perturbed beings further. The reasons of providing cash, share in property and cut in the earnings for the divorced wife, has been marked in all the faiths and religions, and now in the west the child can also seek divorce from its parents with the economic assurance as guaranteed by the law of that country. This all has been done, to have end to the associations who aren’t fulfilling each others needs, and hence there is no “attachment”amongst two individuals, most individual adopt of having humans as company to over come loneliness, the others adopt other measures, like adopting a pet, child , watching movie or even to taking recourse with drugs, which would take them away from the feeling of loneliness, this loneliness in specific, can occur even a crowd, when there is none who is kind of familiar or accepting. The author doesn’t intends to hint, even minutely that there is something wrong in having these or any kind of associations, but the thing which definitely deserves your attention is, total dependence on any association, may it be for work specific or emotion specific, and that too when the openess of discovery of oneself in context to the other participant, is it there, is there the value of truth the scope or opportunity to realise the lacking and are there are measures undertaken to overcome them and the author would recluse itself on triggering any impressionable synthesis, but is trying to engage its reader to think, is it possible to live in isolation, is isolation a contemporary to solace? But one really needs to understand, the scope and provisions of having associations for weaknesses, or would it be better to overcome the weakness instead of creating another for taking care which would still be existing? As the seers of the primitive world lived in mostly in isolation, but were there to stay rules and systems for the societies to follow.

The author, would earnestness its readers to introspect wisely and truly, the reasons of having any attachment with anyone, doesn’t the need for security or comfort or company, are the landing grounds on which the questions rests? 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

God a human creation

The very utterance or remembrance of the term “GOD” would give semblance of some sculptor or place of worship to a significant number and the others would don’t identify with either the sculptor or defined place of worship would have a different image associating with it, but in both the cases, it would definitely be doing with a thing which is in space and time arena. Lets kick off the debate with a set question, if god be a thing which in itself is bound by the space and time factors, and these both of them combined form only .01% of the entire cosmos, then who would taking care or making the things happen in the other part which isn’t in time and space, and mind it, it is 99.99% to which the author is trying its readers attention to. If GOD is as what is being marketed, well, by the spiritual leaders and the factory people who tend to be manufacturing the smaller replicas in the form of idols, and it denotes the ultimate, then what is that thing which made that “GOD” take the form of the human, who gave birth to that “GOD” and how is it, which is Ultimate in itself died. Well there may be pleasing notions to it, that the “GOD” left his/her body and went, which leads to another question, where did the “GOD” leave for? 

The concept of “GOD” as like many other things, is a gift of the west to the world, as before this concept was injected and people somehow followed it, there were concepts of “AATMAN” which is beyond the concepts of space and time, which is there, but still its existence can neither be seen, felt or explored, but there was no contest for it being there. The concepts of “GOD” came with the discrepancies in the evolving societies, and as the law of the nature is, the powerful ones prevailed. In the ancient civilisations, first came the concept, of preaching or performing certain sacred rituals on name of the powerful leaders (oftenly kings or elderly of the family), and then the concept of making their idols was floated, which somehow clicked with the imaginations of the societies, which then existed, and later it transcended into recycled information from one generation to another. As if we take up a example, just of the sake of making the things easier for the reader, there were hardly any cameras, when the leaders of the newer religions were dwelling on the face of the earth, but to make a better impact and reach to the larger audience, a appealing and appalling sculptors were sculpted, so that the target of the prayers and hymes were in visibility and the person offering the prayers could easily correlate with the “GOD” who of course was in the human form, and is the ultimate one and the path ascribed and described, is the only one, and its adoption would lead to the ultimate glory, of course the add ons of giving wealth, beauty and other physical and phycological needs were not left out either, the concept was no different, as to what we get to hear and know, if any health product is introduced to the shelf. 

The concepts of introducing the sculptors in the system, was to assist the preacher to have something to focus upon, as in most of the cases, there is lack of focus, which leads to people hovering over from one leader to another and to another. This concept is quite similar to lighting up a candle and focusing on it, so that mind which is not in the control of the individual has something to do, but unfortunately, this tool which was initially designed and placed as a medium has itself been taken as the destination, which has taken the preacher assume and believe that the sculptor is the one, and it takes away any feel of the explorations, which incur. 

The author, is in no way against any concept, and against any procedure, but would urge its reader to really give a thought, if the one as being represented in the sculptor is true, who was taking care of the people who existed before this figure was born, and how can that die in pain and agony, which is promising to provide you with all the luxuries? wont it be appropriate, for the reader to have a logical understanding, instead of just be blind follower of the things, which the reader ( the author is certain about it) wouldn’t have experienced or felt, but the stories of some unknown are definitely there in the offerings. 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The cabalistic mystery

Most of the readers, or seriously most of them, would have been feeling of friction within themselves, for reasons unknown, in most of the times, and wrongly understood during the other, but would be feeling a kind of dissatisfaction within themselves, something somewhere within, isn’t too happy, before reaching to how to make it happy wont it be wiser, to know, who and what it is that is ceasing all the other emotions and acting so paramount, that everything else seems to be loosing its space, sense and logics to it, has there been a real thought, into it. As there has to be an understanding of what it is that, has messed up the entire life, entire being and its basic ethos, and why would you be caring so much so about it, that nothing seems to be impressing it, and you being the master of your being is acting as a slave to the thing, which is there in you, but is making you follow its admonitions and behaving as bounded and unappreciated labour. What is it, which is trying to hold the saddle and make you work as it wants, if you feel its your wishes or hopes, who are reasons for that, please step back a little, and think again, these aspirations are or were built upon something, which laid the grounds, for them to dwell, which summaries, that these aspirations and greed is a bi product of the thing, which is cabalistic, but whose symbiosis isn’t cognizant, but is being endured, by each and everyone. This commutation, does seems to be scary, as there is something which is driving everything is the causation of each and every apathy, sorrow, grief but is cabalistic in its being?

Lets veraciously, try and find the antecedent, as the author refrains from laying any impression on the mind of its readers and would not like the readers to blindly approbate, about that thing which has been causing all the turmoil, and making the individual work all around to satisfy it and impress it and still is cabalistic inspire being so prudent in the existence and emotional relevance of that individual in specific and everyone is general. The author is quite certain, that its readers would have dissected, and would have reached a antiphon, about what it has been that has been responsible for all this misery, the antiphons, would be varying from the following of the faith, religion and superstitions, which the readers would be following, right from greed, lust to the blaming the almighty with the placement of planets and past and present karmas, are expected to the answers which the author anticipates to arrogate, but very humbly, would request my readers what is ethos on which you have based your antiphons upon, recycled informations, based upon teachings or lectures from the anticipated spiritual masters? As it would be interesting to know, how many of the readers would have really experienced all or any of the above, in person. Isn’t it just passed on information, an understanding which has been well articulated and which has been existing from the immemorial able times, and had these been true, the author seems quite certain, there would have been seers who would have sorted this out too, as has been the case with other things, like developing society, just to quote as an example, but this seems to be existed then too and is even relevant now. 

The forefathers had been successful in carving out things for the next generation, like laying discovering and inventing things which have contributed in ease of life for the present generation than the previous ones, as this venture was undertaken by a holistic measure, of all then existing being languishing for the betterment, but this riddle remained unsolved for most of them then, and is sadly a unsolved and puzzlement today too. What is it, which drove those previous generations to work upon, for changing the landscapes of the then existing societies, which have evolved into the present one, wasn’t there a kind of despair, which was triggering all this metaphors. 

The author, instead of acting or behaving as icebreaker and coming with any kind of solution as the world is already beaming with so many leaders, who have ready answers to all the questions, but somehow in most the cases, the answers which they are propagating don’t seem to be working even for them, leading them to travel and take marketing strategy as refuge, for deeper reach, which in itself is a reflection, the quest for name, fame and money isn’t done with them either, so the author abstains to scribble anything which may sound to be solution of the existence and reasons for the cosmos to be there and also it may not be comprehensive for all the readers would just sign off this write up, with the food for thought, what is it that it triggering all problems, all the greed, lust and dissimilarity even while dealing with the basics of life, as the world had and is in such a heterogeneous form, where all the things are together but somehow not blending well to form into one product.  

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Death: Reality or Myht

There have many debates, teachings and lectures on how the life is to be conducted till there is death, and further carrying with the subjects on highlighting the prospects of taking the life in a fastidious demeanour, there has been no acreage, about what is likely to be the resultant, if not wield explicitly, then preta is likely to be the resultant. But lets start with its impute, of how have all these masters and teachings reached to this an abbreviation, that there is death? Does the change of form from one to another, changes in geometrics, signify the deletion of its relevance its attribution being diminished, life is only relevant and existent in the form of the body, the body which in itself is defined as nothing but a construe, of its constituents like cells, tissues muscles, bones, which is atemporal in its being is defining the ethics of the being which is atemporal, is it what all these lectures, debates, spiritual leaders trying to annotate, has any of these orators experienced “death”, have they been laying out the subject as expressed by someone who is “dead”? 

Lets try and find out, is there really death, is there a cul-de-sac of the subsumed “unknown”, which is thriving in each and every being, had that been veridical, then how does the described “dead” have hair growth, nail growth for thirteen days after they are ascribed to be “dead”. Had the energy the ardor abandoned the body, what could have resulted in hair growth or nail growth or even body decomposition? Isn’t it worth finding a logics to. As there have been many a apologues many narratives, by the people who were declared “medical dead” but exhilarated present in the form, in which they share, how they were able to see and witness everything, right from their verged form which is existing but not visible to their relatives and other happenings, but there has been no signification of they didn’t existed, ofcourse their being was in different state (which wasn’t matter in its attribution) but nevertheless they were “there.” 

The change of form, from the temporal to atemporal, is just a transition state, in which the veridical changes its attribution, and in all the religions and faiths in the world, there is forced evacuation of the energy, when ever the body stops breathing, and canons have adopted the measure of “mourning”, in which the forced ebullience, is given a sent off, by undertaking certain procedures and rituals. This begrudging egress, has led to science of making use of this veridical, by certain types of seers and with specific types of mannerisms, often termed as “tantra” in sanskrit, which led to one more tool of actuating the clandestine vivacity, which is atemporal in its nature but not temporal in its state.

The argumentations, for begrudging egress, probably agnates to abridgement of preserving the dead for that allay, (the time period in which it is yet to fully accept the change in its attribution) due to constrained resources (exceptions of mummies in pyramids, which was only curtailed to the kings and royals), and affordable rituals were incorporated by the seers, to protect the veridical the “unknowable” by undertaking sublime ethics, these ethics generate certain types of vibrations which protects the veridical for being befallen to the seers, who have taken the recourse of using external ardor as tool for cognisance, which is also the reason for family, relatives and friends of the deceased accompany for the last rites, as has been the traditions from the imperial times. 

There is no death for the being, its only a transition state, which the ardor takes, but the way the temporal life is conducted should definitely be laying an impression on how and what would be recourse the “unknowable” would be taking. Will it again be subjected to matter or has it attained the stratum, shall remain a mystery till one leaves the “temporal”  

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The undefined concepts

Does earnestness shows seriousness about the contents of life, is it really the thing which most or rather all of us are to seek. What is it that we really want in our lives, which has led to this restlessness in the lives which most of the people want? Is there a discovery which we want to have? Prudent in most of the people there is quest for some kind of peace some kind happiness, which is in the want in the quest in lives, when there is so much turmoil in the lives and the world. The quest for this happiness or ease has led most of the people wander by adopting one or another kind of measure as refuge, to have some easiness in their lives, but this quest, seems to be unending, a journey which has led to more confusions as to what I have is it real is it impeccable or it is just the passing syndrome, alikes keep daunting the mind and the body, in most of the people who are languishing to have some solace in their lives, and in case for the ones who don’t wander for peace are just living for the sake of it. 

The quest doesn’t even remains in the ambit of the religion, spiritual leader or faith, it keeps hovering from one to another to another and so on, which gives birth to a question, what is it that most of the people want to derive, is it the search of happiness or is it the gratification, and is this happiness a after product of this gratification. This enjambment of the razzle-dazzle, often leads the person just occupied, not doesn’t really enlightens the path or either gratification or happiness, but there seems to evasiveness of “self” during this entire exercise of both, the thought and the body, which does emits the emotions of “something”,which is not clear but yeah “something” being added to cart, irrespective of its value to the communicating impressions to life or its conduct, but there is definitely something added to the basket, as if the atemporal is a stratified object with temporal mannerisms. 

As per the author, there is a difference between gratification and happiness, the life leads many paths to have the sense of gratification but happiness happens to diabolic, its a bi product of something else, which in itself isn’t know, till it really is there (like butter in the milk cant be seen but there is no contest to its existence in milk), but unfortunately, most of the people who go shopping for it (from one place to another, from one spiritual leader to another swinging from one religion one faith to another) aren’t very certain of what they intend, is it gratification or happiness. The earnest approach towards the desired product is not there as the product in itself lies in the confused state and is not known, and by following the path of language, both are assumed to be same, and in most of the case the quest is only for fullness. 

People gather in a hall and listen to lecturer and then to another, as there is a search for something which isn’t there, a kind of vacuum, but to know what has caused this vacuum, is the question for which has led many or most of the people to move from one to another and to another. There can be no ratification, till the time, the product, which most of us want, is clear, else what else can be the reason for most of the people running and adopting and then abandoning, one measure, either spiritual leader or religious place or faith or profoundly going through the scriptures or books authored by someone else. Lets pose a question, is the longing clear of what is wanted, is it gratification of solace, which amongst them is it which is wanted. All the search can be futile and in vain, till the time there is crystallisation of “what” is it that is wanted the thing which is desired, is it life which is to be synthesised or is it something which belong the periphery of breath? 

In all the cases, whether its the physical endeavour of visiting some spiritual leader or following the ethics of any adopted religion or faith, the minutes as communicated remain, how to forgo the lust and want of things, how to change the systematics of life, and also how to study oneself, which leads to a question, what is to be studied, which makes the individual, “you”which in itself is not order and in itself is transmitting untarget energies, in the form of thoughts and despair. How can the thing, the individual, who is not in order as in regard the alignment of energies and even in quest and thoughts isn’t certain about what is it, which is wanted and what is to be had, in perspective of life and beyond, can find the right answer and have figure the rightful thing when there is mayhem and anarchy about “what is it that is wanted”, is it gratification which is beyond the worldly things and is not at all related to having money fame wealth and so on and so forth or is it happiness which too in itself is an individual characteristic, and is void of having any reasons and logics for its being. If there be no gratification and happiness, in attaining all the money, fame and wealth and they are just a nomadic or basic traits, for sustaining life, then why is it, gratification and happiness are tend to be sorted out as a bi product of them, isn’t not having the things which you desire not resulting even after them the failure, is the reason for all the despair which is making most of you, wander, as if in a desert and follow the oasis, which is really not there. It is not that its only “you” who has failed to have gratification and happiness, from money, but there have been “n” number of people who had come and left, just by leading the life of a wrangler. 

In the next write up, we shall try and understand the need of “God”, whether its for worldly pleasures or something, about which all have an idea, but really don’t know, what it is. The thing which is beyond the ambit of being a “thing” but still, to have which isn’t really in “thing” classification. 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Art and craft called life

The science of mantras 

Since the medieval times, there has been quest of the humans to better themselves and also better their ways and patterns of life, the science of mantras/ rhymes/ phonetics is also dated to those times, as they were the research conclusions which were made by seers and sages who undertook the task of changing the way the life is behaving. This research was not only constrained to the human(s) only, it explored further to the environment which was laying its impact on the human in singular and on its habitation in plural, but was definitely laying an impact. The seers with their research and comprehensions, laid out certain rhymes which were task specific and also were for general well being, which in todays terminology is “mantras”. These mantras, have the capacity and capabilities of changing the thing for which they are engaged and when done in specific and specified manner, are also result yielding, which takes care of the issues which a particular human would be facing and also if there are problems for the entire habitat, then there are separate set of mantras and procedures which deal with those issues. Like in the science of mantras, there are mantras for almost all of the things or problems which a human as an individual would be facing, like if there is infertility problem (which can be in man or woman, for either of them there are separate sets of mantras) then a specific type of mantras are engaged in a specific manner, and the desired results are obtained.

But there are contests to the theory of mantras, as the scientists have not been able to find any resolute in the results for which the mantra was engaged, which is true to a certain extent, as it is not known whether the person who was reciting/ chanting the mantra was exercising in its correct value, as if a person doesn’t follows the correct procedure of how to administer the medicine, the chemical of the medicine will have no result on the individual, at least the positive one. As mantras are not words, but are depicted by words, so it is on the understanding of the individual of how to pronounce or sing the mantras. Mantras are like sounds which are universal in nature, but in order to make them accessible to all, the have been expressed in words, but when they are to be employed or engaged in for a specific chore, then the principles of sound is to be used and they are be uttered in that manner only,  and if not, then there are hardly any benefits which can be extraverted of them. 

In the old hindu systems and also in most of other similar schools of thoughts, like buddhism, muslim or even christianity, the pronunciations play a pivotal role, as these pronunciations define the result of the prayer/wish for/which the exercise had been undertaken. Like in muslim school of thought, the “Ajaan” is not just a simple way of renouncing the name of “allah”, but there are defined way, with which it is to be recited and then the specific vibrations are generated which are pious for preaching. But in order to make the thing easy and accessible to all, these patterns/rhymes were written down in the form of language/words, but by just chanting those words time and again wont result anything, as our human system like music is universal in nature and language is area specific, so till the time the individual doesn’t knows the chords of the mantras, he/she will fail to strike the right chord resulting which the entire exercise would be futile.

I leave my readers with a thought, would request you to write in words of how the bell in temple sounds or how they can try and write down the way the buddhist monks recite their mantra, not just the words which they say but also the rhyme with which they are reciting those mantras. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Art and craft of life

The concept and significance of food, on body and nature

Food, which is one of the basic constituents to sustain and smoothly run life, is one of the thing which has not been awarded the true relevance and colour which it rightly deserves. Food which is commonly understood to be something which can fill the belly or be rich in nutrients for the body to develop, and there is nothing more which is associated with this vital constituent for the life to dwell, and to dwell in the rightful manner and in the rightful way. Food, which can range from basics to highly specific, has a role to play not only for the body but also the way the internal energies, dwelling inside the body would enact, upon the release of energy which would happen the chemicals inside the body break the food into consumable state, as the body doesn't differentiate to break and react to venom from juice, it tries and succeeds in giving it best to break the supply and then this broken chemicals then react to the body, which of course is life threatening in case of venom. The nature of the food, its preparing procedures and also the person who has prepared that food article determines the end result, of the affect of the food on the human body (which is actually the after effect, which happens after the the said food article has already impressed the energies by itself), would be determining almost the entire manner in which the life of the particular individual would be. Food is not just the source of energy, but is plays a pivotal role in determining the success and the failures, ease or struggle, comfort or displeasure, are some of the feelings which a individual normal experiences.

In Hindu religion or belief system, there is lot of relevance given to the kind of food, how it is procured and who has prepared, and the details of the constituents of the articles used in making a certain curry, are also considered and are specifically designed. These designs can be understood broadly to be based on astrological placement of various planets, or how different are the energies placed and are naturally behaving in that particular person. As there are so many people who are struggling to make the basics ends meet, whereas there are few others who are kind of having a cake walk, both in comparison. Is for the basic reason of the nature and the behaviour of the internal energies, which is there within the individual, as there are measures, often referred to as remedies in astrology, which has a very wide scope, ranging from stone therapy, to mantra reverberations and to add to this list, or to make it public is the remedies which are based on nature of food, which a person is consuming.

There are several debates, on whether these remedies are true or relevant or not? Let's try and figure out, by self answering a simple question, why some people are able to make it big in a particular profession/business whereas the others aren't? What is it, that determines success?

If effort and wisdom are the answers, which you are trying to project, then do you feel, that you lagged them to the one who succeeded? No, its not so, its not only these two tools, effort and wisdom, but their right use at the right time and on the right spot, which was missing which led to failure. The right time, right spot and right use, is determined by the pulse which is administered by the body, like when, where and how to strike/approach, this pulse is driven by the internal energies, as what we conceptualise is based on our understanding or the comprehension as drawn by our energies. As this write up, in itself is not holding any meaning, but its meaning is being drawn within you, and depending upon your stability of internal energies, the conclusion would be drawn within you, and/ or which may/will differ from your closest friend reading it, and also can/may/will have different meanings when you would have different moods (again which is based on the particular instance of the internal energies)

As expressed above, it’s the internal energies which define us, and as the word “energy”in itself is self explanatory that it is built up, changes form from one to another, but is definitely which is present (the intensity, value or significance is variable) but is open/exposed to altering. This altering of the energy, is also governed by the source or the catalyst to the energy, which is food. The nature of food, will define the way your energies will be behaving, their pattern of movements and the corresponding results, as it would cause on you and your surroundings.

Its advisable to consume the food which would be relaxing your over worked brain, heart and other organs, not to have something which would be further exciting it to the damaging levels.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Planets and their affects

Moon in various houses; its affects
Moon in horoscope corresponds to mother, mind, softness, generosity, love and pleasures.
Moon when is placed in the first house in ones horoscope, it is believed to be good in most of its doings. The native is very sensitive and is imaginative and find its hard to stop thinking or contemplating, and is restless. When the moon is waxing, not so positive, then the above mentioned qualities are less.
When moon is ascendant, the person is beautiful, rich but are delicate in their nature and doings.
If the moon is in Taurus, Aries or cancer, the native will be rich and wealthy and enjoys worldly pleasures. In Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius one is stable, less sexual, noisy, rash and about money matters, few worldly pleasures of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, one is proud vain, considers himself adapt in all learning and is shy while in  public or attending public gathering.
Moon in the ascendant, the native likes change of the surroundings, profession, residence and employment,  other things which directly or indirectly affect the life or the mood of the native.
Moon is the second house of the horoscope,
imparts prosperity which is both physical and nature. The native, gets easily attracted towards other women/men, the native experiences changes in finances with the change in the moon, and is generally successful in business then in job. The native is weak in digestion and there is often case of loss of appetite.
When moon is in the second house and is feeble, there is loss of inherited property and there is obstruction in accumulating wealth and there are often cases of issues with earnings. But if moon in the second house, and is strong, then the native in aspect or is aspected by some favourable planet, the native will be rich, but will give bad affects like loss of wealth to sister or daughter.
Moon in Taurus or cancer gives wealth, but not without its negative affects. The amount of effort for success is less when moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius. This position of moon is not supposed to be too favourable, but in some of the cases, it has been witnessed that inspite the negative affects, the native is prospering.
This house is significant, that while evaluating wealth, income.
Moon in the third house
reflects that the native would be putting a lot of effort to achieve success in earning . But the native is happy in nature, and is highly learned , and hold a powerful position. Intuitive power is very strong in such a native.
If moon is placed in a malefic sign then the native will be talkative and would be damaging for brothers. If placed in beneficial sign, then one lives a carefree life and if moon is in its own sign or in exaltation, one is wealthy fond of learning and enjoying the life.
Afflicted moon will cause accidents in journeys, fickle minded, sensitive and one postpones planned journeys. There may be break in education, especially during the higher studies.
Moon in the fourth house:
moon, is taken as depicting “mother” of the native, when in the fourth house, there is great affiliation with parents and the change in the residence is also a regular feature. The native, who has moon placed in its fourth house, gains lot from parents, from the opposite gender and is very attractive, however the quest for the money and accumulating it, would require great endeavours and tireless efforts. The native, will be of happy nature, and there would be huge rise in life, both as in regard fame and professional aspects are concerned. The early years of such a native, would be struggling but later on, the luck would click.
Moon when in cancer, can be summarised as “born with silver spoon” and will enhance and give longevity to ones mother’s life, but if the moon is waxing and/or is in conjunction with a malefic planet, then the native will have exactly the opposite of the above mentioned traits.
When moon in fourth house is in Taurus or Capricorn, it brings separation from ones dear, if the moon is full and is in masculine sign indicates house of construction, property and advent of good luck from mother or after marriage. Moon of Aries, leo, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in the fourth house shows more happiness after marriage or death of parents.
Moon in fifth house:
fifth house stands for children speculation, enterprise, gain, and love affairs. Generally the moon in the fifth house indicates a native is patient, gentle, rich, handsome, healthy, fond of opposite sex, emotional, prosperous, reputed and blessed with obedient sons. It give more daughters than sons when it is, not so strong or in enemy sign.
Full moon gives happiness, sons, faithful and devoted wife, if lean though strong or in enemy sign, native has wife but no sons or grandsons. If lean or associated with malefic the daughter are coquettish.
When moon is in Gemini or Pisces gives twins, gains through wife.
When moon is in sixth house,
it is not taken to be a good position for moon to be. Sixth house, as per astrology is the house which represents, enemies, injuries, accidents, diseases, affiliation, maternal uncles.
If moon is in its own sign, or is conjunction with some benefice, then there is all round success.
Generally moon when in sixth house, imparts bad affects on the native, specially on the nervous system and suicidal tendencies are large.
Moon in seventh house,
gives good look, the native is loved by opposite sex and extremely lovely but of changeable affection and of variable nature. The native is male is ruled by wife and is mostly travelling, and if in women’s horoscope it indicates union with other person having qualities of change, and she is often liberal, and physical association is normally followed by formal interactions.
Moon is seventh house, often reflects more than one marriage. The native will have charm of luck, till the partner is alive, fluctuations in career, profession and wealth are associated with moon when in this house.
The native should avoid any and all kinds of litigations when moon is in the seventh house, as such measures would result in loss. If moon is in bad affliction will cause disharmony, if moon is in bad aspect to mars, will cause enemies, not so soothing voice and irritating actions, when adverse to Saturn will result loss and disappointment in partnerships, but if favourable, it will give all the success and luck.
Moon in eighth house,
like sixth house is not taken a good place for moon to be. As the eighth house is the house which depicts death, legacies, interest in occult sciences and diseases of private parts.
If moon is well aspected it will indicate rich, intelligent, powerful and life full of enjoyment. Psychic and occult experiences, gain in public life and finances through business or mother. In male it reflects early death of mother or wife and in females horoscope it indicates miscarriages.
Moon if in cancer or Taurus then the native is long lived, else the native dies a early death.
If moon is in eighth house, it is highly recommended, native should be extra cautious and if reposes faith in astrology, then should take remedial measures.
Moon in ninth house,
makes the native fond of travelling, and native may be living in foreign land. It makes the native prosperous, victorious and popular.
If moon is afflicted, then it would bring ill luck to the native, but if full and/ or in benefic conjunction, will bring lots of fame and luck to the native, and achievements would be very easy to get.  If the moon is exalted and also full moon gives many young brothers, but will be living separately, and feel and warmth would be changing.
An afflicted moon in the ninth house by Saturn or Ketu indicates delay, sorrows or loss through travelling, religion, publication and partners relations. Afflicted by mars, accidents while travelling, if mercury is afflicting moon in the ninth house, there would be break in education, especially during professional trainings, the native would be unorthodox or over enthusiastic if afflicted by sun. Affliction with Venus causes romance, fond of adventure and liberal in religion.
Moon in the tenth house,
is a very important position for moon to be, by its position moon makes the native rich by all and every possible way. Public appreciation of such a native is always there, the native is ambitious and is attains a good position. The spouse of such a native is very beautiful, and will be easily attracted towards the other gender, and shall face many ups and downs in life.
If the moon is afflicted then the movement in life of such a native would be downwards, and will make the native lethargic and there would be huge opposition from the public.
If moon is in fixed sign, it makes the native devoted to his father and family. He is smart, contented and quite. One gets wealth and recognition from the state. Reputed and bold, connected with small gains, there would be gains from women in specific, and is firm in nature.
If moon has benefic aspects of sun, Venus or Jupiter one will have favours, success, prosperity and popularity.
Moon apart from being in Taurus, is negative for the parents in all the other zodiac signs.
Moon in eleventh house,
which is the house of honour, fame and profession, ambitions and responsibilities and other luxuries of life.
People having moon in their eleventh house, are frank, tactful, beautiful, always surrounded by friends or is fond of company, but is choosy.
If moon is waning, in depression sign or in the sign of malefic or enemy planet, native is deprived of all the pleasure and gains. Is mostly struggling with ones health.
And exalted moon grants favours, and makes the native learned, but has children after long time of marriage.
Moon in the twelfth house,
makes the native in love with occultism, mysteries and romantic. The native would be more into intel services or would be adopting a profession like espionage. But would be struggling for respect from the society and would also be encountering insult than appreciation.
If full moon or is in friendly sign, then the native would be making gains in the foreign lands, from agriculture life long happiness. If is in Pisces or cancer, the native will be blessed with sons.
If moon is in masculine sign, then the native would be debt ridden and would be finding it difficult to pay back the debts.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Art and Craft of Life

Duality in plurality

All of our emotions, which start from the feel of joy to agony, to laughter to sadness, even the very basic of the feel/understanding our physical body, the feel and understanding and also the response to them, is based on “reference”, which means, there is also another scale which is alien to us or the emotions is used to measure to calculate the intensity of the emotion which has just come our way or is being experienced by the individual at any given instance. This “reference” or the scale, is the driving force to us to comprehend how to react to the thing which has just now occurred, like if there is a hike in the salary, then it is always in reference to what the other colleagues have got, or it is in reference to the earlier drawn salary, why is it so, that a event or a thing which is new in its nature and occurrence is being understood on the basis of something, which is now part of history. It is not just that the things sum up here itself, the very moment of joy of hike in salary is followed numerous moments of despair when it is learnt that our colleague has fetched more than the individual in question, or if the colleague has fetched less than the individual, tends to have more of emotion of victory than of joy, as the presumptive adversary/enemy has been defeated, and even in this the individual is sailing on the emotions of “reference” as victory and defeat, are reference based words. These emotions, when based on references are so much in circulation, that they have now become, “new normal” in today’s societies, and any individual trying to evade them, is supposed to be no progressive, as using the word “dumb” would be too harsh.
But, all the people, who are living with or levying their emotions on the pretext of “reference”, often tend to short live their emotions, of joy as it tends to get diminished when the scale is used and the”reference” comes into fore, but are too keen and adamant to long live the emotion of hate, which in reality is more disturbing to that individual than to the one, towards whom the emotion is targeted to, and in if these kinds of emotions are kept too long with, the individual who is nurturing them disturbs the inner being and later these disturbances are often reflected to the physical body and ooze out or pop out in form of diseases in the physical form (as the damages done to the astral body are yet to be diagnosed by physicians, so would sound too be more philosophical to mention them), and then these “references” take the front seat, which does more damage to the physical body, which are then dealt with bombarding the body with foreign chemicals, called as medicines, but no significance is drawn to the root of the issue, which is “reference”. This “duality” of comprehension to the “plural” happening, is making the lives of the humans end up in despair, during the major chunk of living, and the humans who are supposed to be the most evolved beings and are said to be on the top of the pile of creation on Mother Earth, are living lives of a slavery to their “references”, and as it is to be, slaves are neither happy nor prosperous.
The reason for the man in the caves to be evolving into society and then moving on from the caves to making of its own habitats, was also governed or driven by some or other kind of stress, but that stress, yielded in something, which is supposed to make the lives of the humans better and more comfortable, and as the case is supposed to be, the present generation of humans who are dwelling the planet, are more supposed to be more comfortable than the people who were its inhabitants two or three decades ago. But inspite, having better measure of living, better things more to eat, lots of dreaded diseases have been conquered, but still the quality of the life of the individual is in  retrogression phase inspite, new accessories being added to it. The reason to it, as it is in present set up of the modern and developing societies is, the “reference” which has undermined the existence of the individual to such an extent that there is no progression if it isn't better to someone, and there is no joy if it isn't in context with something not achieved, why is it that the joy of being “alive” has taken over the quest of earning or making the “living” better, as irrespective of what position you hold or the command one may enjoy (as in the preview or understanding of others), the emotion of joy/solace or bliss (which is too far a distant feel) is solemnly dependent upon the individual and is experienced within, and this is an independent emotion which is not having a standing based on “reference”.

To make the life beautiful, is a good marketing punch line, but can anyone make life better than it is? Is a question, which I would like the reader to comprehend for itself, as can anyone make a rose better than what it is, it has its own structure of thorns and fragrance, minus either one would make it incomplete.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The art and craft of life

The concept of “karma”
There has always been the articulation, of the measure that one should always ensure while executing any deed, termed as “karma” in the Hindu school of thought. The way of carrying oneself while performing any action, is said to be in harmony with, the way the emotions of the mankind are, which are to be kind and considerate towards the other beings, which can be living or non living entities. This teaching, in numerous variants, has been professed in all the religions, which are based on some saintly character or is based in direct reference to the almighty itself, but in all these different religions, different school of thoughts, the way to conduct oneself is carried in a similar manner, which is to show courtesy towards others and be kind and considerate towards not so wealthy ones, as that, is the reason, the sharing (offering) some small percentage of ones earning is supposed to be given in donation, either to the poor or to the deity,  depending upon which school of thought you correlate with.
The very essence of propagating such thoughts, is to make all the humans sympathetic towards each other and have respect towards the Mother Nature, which is offering all the things for free (no exchange of currency is undertaken when there is something to be taken from Mother Nature, so the genesis “free” is employed), that's why the very ethos of all the religions, for promulgating offerings, either to the deity or fellow living beings, is based on the genesis of love towards each other and the Mother Nature/earth. This very idea, is based so that, the humans as being on the top of the pile of living on the earth and the most evolved beings, shall work towards preserving the earth and its fellow beings on the planet, which led to the concept of karma or deeds. To make the teachings more preserving and stringent, the fear of something bad happening was tailored into it, as the basic nature of any living being, is to preserve itself to the fullest.
Why these principles of karmas are only kind of associated with humans only, whereas there are other beings also who have the similar principles on which their life also dwells, like born, eating, reproducing and then dying, as the very basis, of all these is synonyms to us, that is being on the existence of breath in the body, or the ability of breathing. Then why, when a lion eats a small deer in front of its mother, is not said to be sinner, but when a person takes up someone in the professional or personal level and ensures others elimination, is assumed to fall in the category of sin, as in both the cases there is one who is suppressing or subdued the other in order to make itself survive, as in regard in both these instances, the emotions are said to be hurt and the act of the lion and the person are said to be insensitive towards the one they are killing/ or settling.
There are so many similar instances, which are happening, but why is that the humans are said to be cautious about their deeds/karmas whereas the other living associates on the planet, are supposed to be free from these ethics. The quest to conquer all, and to do the things which are beyond the realms of the need for survival, is one of the driving force, for the humans to be enacting their actions, whereas all the other creatures, perform all the deeds (how so ever heroic or disturbing they may be) are done just for the reason of survival. So the hidden/unsaid feel of being the lone survivor feeling/emotion and in order to curtail this, the commandments of sharing/donating earnings/food has been promulgated by the founding fathers of society, as the feel of superior and eliminating any or all competition being dominantly present in the humans, as it is present in traces in other beings.
Does the karmas/deeds really affect the humans?, is a question which has also been reverberating in most of us, is there really something somewhere, who is taking note of the things which one is doing. Who above, or what after the present understanding on life, is a thing which has always been contestable, but if we go by the present discoveries of the science, even then, if a deed by virtue of which one tends to provide some kind of solace or comfort to other, then the chemicals within the body combine in such a manner, which gives strength and comfort to itself and same in the other order is true when someone hurts/hampers someone, by a conscious action.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Day as it would be 11 March

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18): You would be cleaning up the obstacles in your life, the things which have been impacting your growth and success. There would be times when you would be emotionally vulnerable, chances of meeting your true mate aren't ruled out.

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Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): You are likely to remain passionate and sensual today, which would be attracting like minded people. The chances of completing a task and making a mark, are high today.

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Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): There would be newer ideas coming your way, take them in good spirit, don't let your ego decide your fate. Better to be acceptable, than living in illusion of being perfect.

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Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21): You need to be cautious about your finances and spending, as you have not been able to balance them well. There would be positive suggestions from close family, friends and elderly people, evaluate and introspect.

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Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): There would be much more comfort within, and external ambience would have lesser impact on you. Be intellectual in your spending, don't get carried away as you can end up in burning up your own pocket.

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Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): There are chances of new career opportunities coming your way. Be realistic in your approach, and try to break away from your fantasies.

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Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): There can be distant solutions for the financial solutions, which are visible to you. Don't try to push your way into tomorrow, and live the day as it is. Be true to reality and yourself.

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Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Things which aren't too constructive and helpful are likely to be attracting you, be cautious about what you bank upon, intellect or emotions.

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Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): It would be difficult for you to be realistic amid fantasies, try and be logical in your approach even if its difficult to be make.

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Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): There would be chances of making/carving a headway on plans. Family and relations would be cooperating but will have to be acceptable by you for letting them express.

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Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): Surprising than the other days, you would have a peace within today. You shall be able to extend and communicate your charm to your loved ones.

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Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): There are chances of you realising your dreams, be wise on your approach to manifest them. There would be instances when your loved ones would be demanding, be generous, as you would expect others to be to you.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Do you see the weed in the seed

Do you see the weed in the seed:

There is a huge possibilities in with the humans as humans happen to be one of the creations of the almighty, who tend to have the lower limits but there is no upper bar for the possibilities to be restrained ever, may be this is one of the major reasons that humans tend to remain un satisfied with what they have and always languishing to have more than already there in the basket. Let's understand the scope of more, earths crust has 72% water, and the depth of the water source is dependent upon two things, as it always is with all the things, one is the floor of the ocean, river or even a pond and the second is the surface, now the floor cant be stretched any further (without any foreign intrusions, like digging further) but there is always a possibility of the surface to rise. Which means, may be we are measuring the accomplishment accumulation of more by the surface in reference with the depth, but what has elongated/stretched further, is the surface, which has been successful in rising more than the previous level. In the same manner, humans also have the tendency and the capability of rising more than they already have accomplished, like, a adolescent  child, has no knowledge about the language, and it depends upon the ability of the teacher, what all can be taught to that child, so the teachings are not dependent upon the student but more on the capability of the child, like you aren't too successful in teaching academics to your child, whereas the teacher with the same biological permutations is able to communicate things with much ease and comfort, hence we assume this point to be conveyed, that more is the possibility, but the limits may be at the source.

As each mango seed has thousands and thousand of mangoes in it, but can we see that, the answer to which is “no”. Now lets explore the curtailing aspects who are holding us back from witnessing those numerous mango fruits in that small seed. The seed is made of a hard surface which is protecting but also curtailing the embryo. So the law of the nature, with the help of fertile land (this is the role of the teacher, to act as fertile land) makes the embryo break the hard surface and then blossom into a seedling and then so on and so forth till it becomes a fully grown up tree and when the season comes, it bears mangoes. Now lets, go back to where the journey of this tree started, from a small seed, but at that point of time, were those mangoes visible, no. If the mangoes weren't visible then, how come they are there now, the answer to this, the possibility to grow and grow further, is what makes that seed take the route to become a tree, and then from a tree to a large and then to larger one.

As it’s a well known fact, that all the mango seeds don't blossom into a tree or a fruit bearing one, but all the possibility of becoming into one, then what are the things which make the difference, as each seed each human is possessing the ability to blossom. The teacher/fertile land is one of the major thing, which decides upon, inspite of having all the capabilities, only a few make it to the top. Like even a stream and a pond, is made up of water as is the case with rivers and oceans, then what is the thing which makes one to be minute and the second to be huge, the difference is the ambience which decides upon the water  accumulation ability.

This is the case with the things which are solemnly dependent upon nature and don't reserve the right to alter their fortune, but a human is not exactly like them, a human can expand and can attain bigger and better horizons, if it comes in sync with its qualities. Astrology which has sadly been curtailed to only fortune telling, reflects the individual in its entirety, and when limitations and possibilities are known before hand, than the chances of excelling are brighter than ever, as one can work to strengthen the weakness and enriching the strengths. The need to engage with the powers within, can open up newer windows and paths for achieving, which may one can only fantasies upon. The inner energies can be used to manifest what one desires too (of course there is reference and relevance of ambience and the launching pads), but a human has enormous ability to do what he intends to, like the conceptualisation of the ability to fly without wings, led to invention of aircrafts, and the ability to swim in water led to invention of swimming strokes, ships and so and so forth. But, all the seeds aren't of the mango tree likewise all the humans don't have the similar abilities to achieve the same thing, but they have the ability to excel in the field in which they are naturally blessed to excel in, as some do well in business whereas the others are outstanding in their jobs.

The science which corresponds well with the human exploration is astrology, which has different forms in almost all the primitive systems around the world. In order to be successful and happy, one must be aware of ones strengths and should move towards making and enhancing them.

Day as it would be 10 March

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18): You are likely to be acting instinctively and institutively today, as divine glitz happens to be encircling you. There would be more and more people who would be more than willing to help you. You are likely to be aware all through out, and that too in a explicit manner.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): There would be several issues which need to be harnessed, which you are likely to be engaging in with your partner/spouse for solutions/ results. There would be stiff oppositions from colleagues/subordinates, which will be making the course bit difficult, but most likely you would be able to make up to the task completion. There would be shift in emphasis, as you would be more into relations which matter than your profession.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): Things are likely to be near perfect, which would make you enthusiastic about them. There would be some angst about certain issues, especially money. But the day is likely to be smooth for you, as you would let it be.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 21): The horizon is likely to expand to the global level, your charm would be attracting people. Cooperation is likely to be beneficial for you.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): Little sacrifice and effort is likely to favour your zeal for success. The need to step into professional attitude is what needed, try to be sober than a being a wrangler.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): You need to be sure about your patience, and put it to use every time, as the day calls reflects for many instances when you need to be. Try to preserve your inner peace and don't be affected by the folly thrown at you.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): There would be instances when things wont be welcomed with the same emotions as you would conceive them to be. Things are likely to be favouring you, just keep your spirits high, as what is right will be accepted and would be getting its well deserved appreciations.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Distant goals would be keeping you engaged, and their perception, is likely to enlighten you. Be certain about the things in detail before leaping in. You may need to enrol or study with the latest, as there is something which you know you are lagging in.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): You need to be more open in opinions and appreciate what you have, as you aren't the perfect creation either don't try all to have the way you want it.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): There would be benevolent gaze in career for you, but it may take sometime to be realised. Initially your patience may be tested with close to heart projects may get shelved.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): There would be instance when a foreigner would be attracted to you physically, your integrity is at your disposal. You need to be utmost cautious about what you speak and how you speak. Avoid getting into gossips, as this is likely to lead you into turbulent waters.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): Keeping matter concealed are likely to benefit you. There would be testing times with the relations, try to be sober in your approach and save as many and as much as you can.

These predictions are general in nature, for specifics of interpretations and remedies/way/measures contact:

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day as it would be 9 March

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18): You are in quest of things which are logically beyond your reach, luxuries of life are there with you but you seem to be stretching yourself beyond your comfortable return limits. Be wise in your choice, as debts can be too hefty to be carried along.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): You are likely to be energetic and enthusiastic during the day. This energy and enthusiasm is likely to make you competitive and winning is the prime target. You would be enjoying social set ups and would be participating in them, Inspite of tensions there at back of your mind.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): Today will be the day, when you are likely to keep aside your ego for a while. You would be generous enough in your actions and would be willing to extend a helping hand to others, if its bit inconvenient. You are likely not to be perturbed by the changing landscape, and would be seeing off the day with ease.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 21): You would be expressing yourself in a blunt manner, and this is likely to affect the person who happens to be too close to you. There are some hidden issues, which are driving your mood, try to resolve before spoiling the things in a manner which is beyond repair.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): You would be feeling low with energy today. Try to boost it up, resolving the issue is the best way to see it off. If there is something which you feel needs to talked upon, engage in conversation instead of letting it brew in your mind and allowing it to take a toll on you.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): Your conversing skills would be helping you find your unknown dimension today. Try to engage in some constructive kind of talks, which would be better for you apart from being beneficial for the partner and the audience of the conversation.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): You are not too comfortable to be confined at one place, and this can lead up to unwarranted tensions within yourself and your relationships with your loved ones. Try to carve out a path towards the things in which you would like to engage lovingly.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Today will be the day when you would be enjoying and socialising. You need to keep your extravagant aspect, as spending would be much more than the comfortable limits. There would be instances when someone close to you would be drawing and demanding your utmost attention and physical presence, and there would be surprises for you, pleasant or unpleasant, depends upon their unfolding intensity.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20):   You are likely to find your perceptions shattering today, as your belief of knowing your loved  through completely is likely to turn out to be false. There would be testing times for you today, as this shattering is likely to impact you in greater velocity than can be taken in.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): You would be using your enthusiasm in a positive way today, humanitarian approach and charity would be marking the day for you.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): You are in fearless mood today, and likely to engage into something which you would normally be avoiding. Try to conserve and converse with yourself before taking that daring leap.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): You need to check and re check your expressions and words before you deliver them. You can be saying all what you really don't intend to or you don't even mean, keep your agitation in control before it takes complete control over you, and ends up spoiling the things for ever.

These predictions are general in nature, based on behaviour of planets in zodiac. For personal interpretations and for easing them out contact:


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Day as it would be 8 March

Aries (Mar 20- Apr 18): The day marks unwarranted resilience from people, even your reputation is likely to be at the front. Try to take it as a  interlude, and not get too affected by this. Patience and ignoring, would be your best tools today, as if you contest to what you say, you may be loosing the battle, as sometimes words don't happen to be on ones side.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Taurus (Apr 19- May 19): Today lady luck seems to be smiling for you. Your charm and enthusiasm is infectious, to the extent that even your spouse would be swept off her feet. Try to make the most of this day and this brilliance, and make the people be supportive and cooperative, as world is dynamic in nature.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Gemini (May 20- Jun 20): You are likely to face issue with regard to money, as this has been a subject where you aren't too comfortable with. Money is likely to create rift between you and your friend, unless you are able to confess on being your fault. You need to be cautious and very careful about your choice of expressions, as in a candid manner, the relationship with your mate/partner/spouse is likely to suffer a permanent damage.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 21): Accepting yourself and you role in the angst offering of the day, would be the best attitude which can wear on your sleeves today. Today wont be the day when you would be having a centre stage, but you would be too inclined to force your way, try not to force into things, else you would have no one apart from you who will be responsible for the future of relations in family and at work.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Leo (Jul 22- Aug 21): Yesterdays mayhem, has incorporated into you. Try to change your approach towards things, be logical in your approach, and try and take the things one at a time, instead of opening up a Pandora box, and then beginning to sort it out. Things are likely to be sorting out with ease.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Virgo (Aug 22- Sep 21): You need to be taking respectful care of yourself, with the planets not speaking too well with your health, its the right time to start taking care of yourself. Be resourceful and ingenious in your approach, and the issues are likely to settle for the day.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Libra (Sep 22- Oct 22): Taking good care about yourself, which you are ignoring due to over occupied schedule, can lead to things spiraling out with something nasty. Precautionary measure about health, including exercises and healthy food, has to be inculcated into your "to-do-list" is likely to help. Be generous in sharing information, as there can be some better ideas which can come your way.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 20): Siblings are likely to be moody today, which would be testing your patience, as this is one of the aspects which is in shortage with you. Ensure that you don't react harshly, and rather try to respond instead of reacting to them.

There are lots of ideas which would be rallied towards you, engage your experience to understand them

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20): You would now have to cut the coat as to the size of cloth you have, as your over spending is likely to make you rethink on the matter. You are likely to change your life style and behaviour, for good.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Trying to spend time outdoors, with people you love, is likely to help you in a great manner. There would be a freedom of expression and inner being, go for it.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): Things are in synchronisation at home, how long the sync will remain depends upon your attitude. Try to maintain peace and tranquility, along with solving over standing issues.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 19): There could be issues with children, money and lifestyle or all three of them, keep your patience and sanity, and try and be a coordinator instead of trying being a part of the show. Be careful of your health, wealth and give attention to your family, as this phase is likely to stretch bit longer.

These predictions are general in nature, based on various planets corresponding/associating with the zodiac. For specific interpretations and remedial methods :