Friday, 2 February 2018

Relevance of Chakras in relation of Planets

Chakras are the energy centres in our body. The word “chakra” means “wheel”, which doesn’t means that these energy centres are in form of some kind of wheel, but as there is continuous flow of energy to and from them, which is both negative and positive in charge, so the connotation of wheel is associated. There are 114 chakras in any human body, but seven are paramount in their being, and these seven if activated to correct magnitude can trigger the stimulation and then corresponding activation of the rest 108.   We have seven main chakras and each chakra is located on a plexus (centre of a network of nadi, a very thin sprout of the nerves, which is virtually invisible to the human eye). These energy centres are responsible for keeping our physical and mental aspects in balance, and are solemnly responsible for the understanding the “unknown”. This subtle system is the same in every  human. What is different is how we use it and with what quality.

 To simplify the things for the masses to have an idea of the deeper concepts, the sages have associated these energy centres with a certain planet (mainly because of its virtue and the associated affects thus caused by it, both in blocked/ malefic, activated/ open form). Birth charts, which are formulated according to our date and time of birth, show the aspects of these planets as in when we were born and how they correlate with each other. While our birth chart defines our spiritual, physical and mental aspects, it also helps us see how the planets shape us and affect our chakras and energy body. Right from the first movement done in mothers womb to be born, all the contours are just manifestations of these energies resonating with each of us. However, that moment of our birth spreads over our entire life and gives us the responsibility to use “that moment” to the benefit of all humans. Only we hold the chance to make that moment perfect. We can feel that our life is part of the universe as we get to know ourselves and balance our being. The seven chakras within us is like a reflection of the entire cosmos and in it the solar system. In one sense, humans are a microcosmos of the macrocosmos. Therefore, universal energies symbolised with those of the solar system exist within us too. Now let us look at the correlation between the planets and chakras.



Our first chakra that is located beneath the spinal cord is called the Mooladhara or the root chakra. Mars, which is also the ruler of the sign Aries, governs this centre, the mooladhara chakra represents innocence, purity, pure childlike joy, wisdom, sense of direction and a strong connection with earth and life. If this chakra is strong within us, it gives us wisdom and decisiveness in our action, the ability to find the right direction in life and to make correct decisions. Among planets Mars represents friendly and kind physical strength and action. The energy of Mars is intense, natural and sometimes instinctive. Our action carries physical dynamism and courage with positive Mars energy. We live each day with the enthusiasm of a child and with fresh desire to discover life thanks to this energy. Mars rules a person’s private parts, apart from valour in astrology. Badly affected Mars takes a person to extremes. Similarly, the Mooladhara chakra governs the reproductive organs but its sensitivity is harmed due to extremes and things that are not innocent. We can feel the purity within us and have the desire to live accordingly as our first chakra becomes stronger.


Our second chakra, the Swadisthan, is located in our abdomen area and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury governs the signs of Gemini and Virgo in astrology. The most important function of this chakra is to break up fat cells in the stomach and provide the energy that is needed to renew white and grey cells in the brain. It also strengthens our thinking capacity. This chakra supports our sense of aesthetics and creativity in all fields. The ability to understand easily, come up with practical solutions to our problems in life and intelligence all come from this chakra. Mercury represents intelligence, the mind and creativity in astrology. Pure knowledge flows into our being from the Greater Consciousness with this chakra. Mercury serves as a bridge between the spirit, matter and mind. It rules fine arts and science. Strong Mercury energy in the birth chart can even connect the most complex thoughts and difficult concepts. People under the influence of this planet experience constant mental activity. This could give rise to an easily angered and impatient nature. The result is the same when we use the energy of our second chakra too much. A balanced Swadisthan enables a person to make healthy decisions with clear attention.


The third chakra is located in our stomach area, the Naval. This chakra represents satisfaction, balance, morality, generosity and the capacity to evolve. The ruling planet is Jupiter - the same as the sign that governs Sagittarius. Jupiter has a noble, generous, helpful and virtuous nature. It gives prosperity and increases everything – both good and bad. It is the planet of good luck. Our financial wealth is governed by this planet. Our third chakra gives us well being in both material and spiritual life. A good naval chakra makes us feel satisfied with what we have and helps us be very generous when necessary. The third chakra is like a house with two doors. Wealth enters through one door and spreads from the other, thus continuing the cycle. The universal energy provides us with all that we need and we do not ask for more. When it is functioning badly, Jupiter signifies an imbalanced and undecided personality. The person could indulge into fantasy and extremism in their thinking, up to the point of tyranny. The individual could incur debt and borrow without thinking. Such an energy would also make a person seek luxury. Jupiter governs justice, honesty, religion and philosophy. It can make a person moral, virtuous and honest by birth. Our naval chakra also represents these qualities. We manifest greater sense of justice and higher human virtues as this chakra develops. We seek spiritual evolution and ways to become better humans.


Our fourth chakra is our heart chakra which gives pure love, compassion, the quality of being a good parent, self confidence and detachment. Most importantly, our spirit is located in our heart and the spirit is nothing but love. Its ruling planet is Venus, which represents love, beauty, art and rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. A well-functioning Venus creates harmony and beauty wherever it is. It makes people feel nice. Strong Venus in a birth chart gives a person significant beauty. This beauty spreads from the inner nature of a person and reflects on the behaviour and attitude of a person. Kindness and sweetness enable us to create positive feelings within people and help us transform them. We feel more identified with our spirit as our heart opens. The energy of pure love that is awakened within our heart spontaneously spreads to our surrounding and sparks such feelings within the people around us as well.


The fifth chakra is called the Vishuddhi. Located in our throat area, this chakra helps us feel that we are part and parcel of the whole. When this chakra is open it makes us feel that we are part and parcel of the whole. We experience the feeling of being one with the universe, with nature and with other humans when this chakra is open. The ruling planet for this energy centre is Saturn. Saturn also governs the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Difficult aspects of Saturn in our birth chart make us feel lonely in life. Saturn is like a disciplined teacher. The location of Saturn in our birth chart gives us tests in that area of life and helps us improve our weak points. It reveals the parts of human character that need to be completed. At times it limits, creates obstacles and makes initiatives useless. Saturn does this so we learn the lesson it is trying to teach. Once we learn and discover our limits, Saturn gives us stability, sturdiness and detachment. The fifth chakra also governs the ability to discriminate between right and wrong within us. During the testing times, we are able to use our discrimination power to understand what is right and wrong with the help of this chakra. This energy centre also gives us a witness state. It helps us to enjoy life while playing our role and witnessing all the tragedies and difficulties like a drama. The earth, the entire universe and planets play a role in this game and put it on stage. Saturn, when functioning badly, creates a pessimistic personality that cannot see the good things in life and feels sorry for itself.


The sixth chakra, which is located in the forehead, is called the Agnya. The ruling planet is the Sun. The Agnya chakra contains the ego and our conditionings. The Sun, on the other hand, forms our character and sense of being according to the energy of the sign it is located in. The keyword is “I”. The sign in which the Sun is located is our main sign and signifies the stage of evolution with which we were born on this earth as well as the lessons we need to learn in life. It forms our sense of identity. We all have different identities that make us unique. Our family, education, friends, world view, the teams we support, etc. However, they are all identities created by our ego. Our ego and conditionings cannot rule over us when our Agnya chakra opens. We perceive our spirit, which is a deeper identity within us. Within us we start establishing humility and the fact that we are pure spirit. Dominant energy of the sun in the birth chart can make a person dominating, conceited and egoistical. What blocks the sixth chakra is vanity, which makes a person feel superior to others.
Apart from this, forgiveness dawns within us as we feel the pure spirit within everyone.


The seventh chakra, our Sahasrara, is the fontanelle area on top of our head that was soft when we were small. The ruling planet is the Moon, which also governs the sign Cancer. The Sahasrara chakra is above all chakras and is made up of a combination of all the chakras on top of our head. The Moon governs emotions, instincts and our mind. The opening of the seventh chakra helps the chakras within us become integrated with each other and establishes a strong connection between us and the cosmic energy. This integration carries a person beyond consciousness. In astrology the moon defines the unconscious state of our character, in other words, it signifies an area beyond our consciousness. This unconscious state has always existed and it will always exist as it is the all pervading power that encompasses the entire universe. The Sahasrara chakra is a door that opens from our individual consciousness to the consciousness of the all pervading power. A strong moon at the time of birth makes a person sensitive, instinctive, creative, sacrificing, able to understand others and spiritual. The Moon also represents productivity, femininity and developed feelings of motherhood within us.
The personality has a changing nature in a birth chart with a dominant moon because the moon is the fastest to tour the zodiac. The energy it reflects constantly changes and flows. The moon also bestows a strong ability to adapt. Similarly, the universe is also constantly changing and flowing. When our seventh chakra is open and has established connection with the universal energy, we feel like a drop that has mixed into the ocean and that our being is in harmony with this great flow, and the transformation from a drop to the ocean itself, happens, its then that the process and the procedures are no relevance and value, as then the evolution takes a dimensionless state.

Planks of life- Past and Future

The medical science and other medical methodologies are based upon the age of the person for prescriptions, that is how and what is the medicine which the ailing body needs to administer for cure, but has there been a thought, how can the fever (as an example) be different amongst various age groups, child, adult and the old, whereas it is giving the same indications same affects on the body of the person, has this ever guided the fellow readers to a thought? If the afflicting infection is affecting the same organ, how justified or logical, it shall be to have different potency and different dosages, which also has disparity with the healing/recovery time, why?

The author along with its reader, would plunge and try and figure out, what is the difference, is there a difference in the organs (which is unlikely to be) or is it because of something else, a change or strength of the organ. Our body in general is also in a reactive state, which is, it “reacts” to the event, like, what we hear now has a time lag, the time which has been consumed for the sound waves who have been generated from someones mouth, displacement occurs, travels the distance from the mouth of the speaker to your ear drums, and then the signals are sent to the brain which decodes it for being able to understand, all this process has taken a time span, which may be very minute and meniscal but definitely has a value, and then the listeners body reacts as per the chemicals released by the statements understanding (emotions), the same is true if we reverse the chairs in the above example, the listener (you) becomes the speaker. As for the speaker to speak, issue a statement, a thought is generated (which itself is a reaction of how your emotions are for/with the person to whom you are issuing the statement to) and then those chemicals are converted into sound waves and then the same process, of carrying the sound waves to the ear drums and so on and so forth, but in either of the situation one thing is similar, that there is reaction to action (which in itself has incurred due to some reaction). All this if placed in simple terms, is that what we are reacting to in present has happened in the past, this is the mechanics of the body, organs and also in almost all the cases of the “brain” too, we react to things, and even in the example quoted in the first paragraph, the administering of the medicine is dependent upon the time span which the body has covered on earth, this may lead to the reason as to why in all the religions and faiths, there has been a pivotal mention, of living in the “present”and there have been innumerable measures which have been suggested for attaining the “present” state, living alone in higher altitudes, meditating and various similar measures have been enshrined in all the religious scriptures. But what is it that would be achieved, if really it would be, if making oneself be in the present state and not be in the past or future? 

Meditation, being popular and widely known, is taken as bench mark by the author to place forth, in trying to explain the paramount relevance of the “present” and how and what is achieved by meditating ( in its original texture and form, not as which is being articulated by the masters). In mediation, there is no object to be observed (for anything to be observed it has to happen, and happening is in the past not in present), but due to the mechanical nature of present day living of the societies, this ‘norm” has been altered, and newer distorted concepts have been hatched by the masters, and the significance of the soul has been changed to concepts of life. Meditation not the subject of the article, the author steps back and comes to the topic, as why there are reactions, instead of action? The body being a chemical factory, and the brain (emotions) being the conductor, is working in mechanical way, not the way it is designed to perform, which is why (as the author feels) there is distortion in the performance of the organs, including brain, which is termed as ageing. The brain, almost without any rest, is all the time reacting (past) or contemplating (future), but is hardly anywhere near the “present”, its virtue is quite similar to the pendulum watch, where the pendulum moves from one end to another strikes one end and then moves to another, but has no displacement, even the medical science terms this state of mind to be “monkey” mind which is always chirping and when this habit of the brain goes beyond a certain time, it emerges as “insomnia” in the physical body  . The author would urge its fellow readers, to try and live in present.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Plural or Vivid

All the religions and faiths, including the masters who claim to have solved the mysteries of the cosmos as how and why life is this way in the planet and also narrating fairy tales of the lives in other dimensions (if it may be so), have been talking and explaining what is it which is triggering life and also tagged connotations to the thing which happens to “leave” when the living is dead, and for explaining the reason for the thing to “go/move on” (if it really does) is expressed as time over, but the author would like its readers to sit back and think, if there is a thing which really moves on/goes, what is the reason for it to decide or choose to move on? Well there are ready made answers also provided, that it is there for a defined period and then it takes on other dimension, as in accordance to the deeds as performed in this form, which again, as a chain reaction, takes to another question, if everything is so well defined then where is the scope of the person to decide of which and how to perform a deed?  

Is there really something in that nothing (as 99% of the cosmos is comprised of no molecular energy, which means there is no form or dimension) which is defining the movement of these molecular structure, 22 trillion galaxies, constellations and stars, and our beloved earth being a micro spec in this 1% of the molecular representation of the cosmos. So there is really something who would be so emphatic upon deciding our lives its patterns and structures, or is it something too close that it has become insignificant for us to take its cognisance? The author would urge its readers to try and give a thought for the same, without clinging on to the narrated fairy concepts, by keeping in view that irrespective whether a person is aware of the reasons of the ailment, whether the person is doctor or not, the infection would behave in the same manner, like wise whether one is aware of how and what are the energies responsible for death or death like situations, the feel of the happening would remain the same. The renowned of the doctors have also died and so have the best of the masters of spirituality, which leads the author to think along with its readers, then what is the difference which one attains by the adopting the spiritual path, is there something which changes?

The author would like to plunge into this along with readers, and try to find a logic (if it may be logical to the present intellectual structure of the intellect), what is it which develops when the spiritual path is adopted and those systematic hymns are recited and repeated, do they lead to any change in the system, and if so, where is the change in the macro or the micro level. Lets take an evident and popular example which would draw us, the author and the readers, to the lines of journey without displacement, the journey within. There are many institutions, gymnasiums, which are guiding people to build up a good physique and have better muscular presentation on their bodies, but where do these muscles come from ( in normal course, else gelatine operatives are also an option), they come from within the person, which can be said these protruding muscles were always there within the person, but by adopting specific procedures, those dormant structures of the muscles have become active and have taken this form, likewise is there a “nothing” in everyone which is only realised when the procedures (vary from religion to religion, from faith to faith and from master to master) are expedited and its procedural enterprises are adopted, well it can be so, and author abstains from issuing any signatory remark, but would like its fellow readers (as the author is also reading while writing) to draw example from the above quoted body building quote, as every individual requires a specific set of exercise with a separate diet regimes for building up muscles, then how can the molecular behaviour be same, isn’t it a path which may seem similar to fellow on goers and the preceder, but leaves a vivid experience to each new dweller, which can be envisaged, amongst the many a people who are participating a religious gathering with utmost attention, they tend to have different shades of emotions after the procedural laying, as some cry, few are joyous, some tend to have relaxed to the extent of being sleepy and still others are energetic. Likewise, adopting the mode of meditation wouldn’t it also be leading to different structures of emotions,  so how can there be same set patterns for deciding whether the participant is on the enroute or has taken a detour, the author would like to leave its readers with a thought, where do you go in meditation and how can there be one universal feel only?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Defining death on life's parameter

There have been many a debates and contests, on understanding death, but can it be known or comprehended without its relevance or comparisons to the “living”, isn’t it life which is the basic parameter to understand the concept which is not in the ambit of the defined parameters of life, and commonly connoted as “death”. This and similar sorts of queries have led to the idea of which tends to tilt towards, is there anything which is beyond death, is there anything which can be identified as “rebirth”, is there really anything? The author would like its readers to plunge into it, without hanging onto any concept as what would have been told or narrated by any of the masters who happen to claim to solved all the concepts of life and even the cosmos, but try to dig  not by holding what is known to them, but be free and be without any concepts or beliefs, which are on either side of the line, there is something after death and also not to hold on to that there is nothing after death, lets we, the author and the reader, try to explore within which may be beyond the perils of “within”. 

Before taking your foot forward and start exploring, lets first be clear and we both on the parameters which are defining life, the things which have been accepted for the definition narrating the life. Is movement the criterion for this? Most of the readers would readily agree to it, as this is one of the things which distinguishes the movable with the immovable, and humans as they are in the movable category, have to be in motion to be alive, but what about the people who are specially abled, who require an external assistance for their movement, even they are alive? So the concept of movement is not only the criterion which defines life there is something else which is there, which is narrating life, can that be speech or any of the measures which are commonly used for communication? Now again how about those humans who cant speak, hear, write or see, so are they alive or not, well they are, so even communication is not the concept which is defining life. In the medical terms there is commonly used term, comma, which is when the person is not able to communicate or perform any of the tasks (the tasks which are visible or are by definition of life correlated with it) but is still living, the same can even be stretched further to the people who are on the life support systems, are living but are unable to even gather enough oxygen into their lungs to breathe, but still fall in the category of living and aren’t dead as yet. But all of a sudden that life support system which without any lapse of failure is failing to make the person breathe and all of a sudden all of the organs stop functioning, and all those intra veins pipes who till now have been able to regulate the external supply of the chemicals (commonly referred as medicines) are no longer able to pump in the designated chemicals into the body. There is definitely which has gone missing, from the time when these life support systems were able to perform to the time when the doctors declare the person to be dead, but what is it which has all of a sudden disappeared from the scene of life and resulted the death of that person, if it not communication or movement or the functioning of the organs, is it something which is still deeper a thing which is yet to be known or is it just a belief? The author reserves no authority to illustrate and denote a connotation or name to the thing, and will humbly recluse itself for mentioning it. As mentioned and expressed above in this paragraph, there is definitely something which is defining life, which is beyond the visible or commonly known parameters of life as defined and accepted universally, all the religions of the world have in their own language (depending upon the origin of the religion) have expressed a name to that unknown, which again leads to another question, is that name or connotation known to that unknown or is it just for the sake of addressing it there is hashtag attached? Lets dwell this point further before moving on the basic topic of this write up, which is definition of death, has the reader ever tried calling out someone known or unknown by a vague name, did the specific reader received the same or any kind of response from the called being? Well author didn’t get any response from the person when addressed by a wrong identity tag, which is name in this case, would urge and stimulate the readers who haven’t tried this exercise to try and witness the result, so returning to the connotations as hash tagged by all the religions to that thing which is not known but is paramount and pivotal in its being for the individual to be living, does the reader feels that unknown thing would be aware of its name or term ( as oftenly claimed by masters of the religion, and even there are many who are said to be talking to this unknown and there are others who see them and treat them and people from and with them, who are called ghost readers, but the author would not like to vouch for the authenticity or turn them down either, but would like to mention which is not seen or heard all through the life span how can that seen or heard when not in the body), well it can be its aware and also equal are the chances that it would not be knowing, else why is it that there is no instance when someone has been able to ask that unknown to return (just in case if it goes somewhere) to the same body and make it living, again. 

By discussing the perspectives defining life, which have remained unclear, lets now try and approach them through death with the basic of this write up, which is definition of death, which along with life is defined in the same parameters irrespective of the different religions and faith, who differ in every other thing apart from these two stable and assured bars.  Whenever the body fails to breathe (on its own or through the modern medicine facilitated life support system), its called death, which according to the various religions and faiths is said to be when the “soul”(a term ascribed to the unknown force) leaves the body, and the person is declared dead, which leads us to another question, if the person is dead, then how can the dead person grow nails in length and hair in size? Which has also been established by the modern medicine, that even after the death of the person, the body tends to have growth of nails, hair. Apart from this, even if the body is kept away from the insects, microbes even then there is defragmentation of the cells of the body (as happens to all the people on daily basis, even when they are alive, but in the case of these “dead” there is no formation of the new ones), so what is it that has died, is it the body or is there something else which has just been using this body as a tool all this while, the author abstains from using any connotation to this unknown being or not being, which is the ethos for the body to be termed as “living” and would leave it readers to think there is something, not known to anyone, but has a relevance and would encourage its readers to give it a thought are the pleasures and worries worth to be carried, as both of these anxieties are body relevant. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Meditation: An insight

The concept of meditation off lately has been a much sought after subject, with people across the boundaries of profession and age, have been getting inclined towards it, by its virtue of it, helping in organising the life and making it easier for the individual an easier proposal than the existing one, but the concept of meditation has unfortunately getting associated with the achievements of social world than being a concept in which the dweller is able to find a certain kind of peace and solace within, irrespective of the changing landscape of the events and functions, this modification is somehow similar, to what had astrology turned into, a mere fortune telling, whereas it is the science by which the concepts and procedures of drafting the life, as per socio economics, was guided, and how the individual could capitalise to its full potential and hence contribute to the society in general and specifics.

Meditation, is not just a concentration exercise, and having concentration is not the concept or the end goal, it is in fact a stepping stone of course pivotal in its being, but it in itself doesn’t define meditation. But many a masters, are portraying concentration as the ultimate thing, the task and is now being said to synonyms to meditation, which is leading the society and its constituents misguided, to the concept of meditation.

The author, would restrain itself, for laying a definite impression and speak as an authority (unlike most of the masters the reader would have visited) on the subject, but would like the reader to plunge into the thought, what it is that you are meditating? Mediation, between what? Is what the activist is taking the course for, is there something which is beyond the body and the brain, is there something which is beyond the concepts of the sensory organs, which the activist is trying to explore. Is there something within the body or is there something which is beyond the body, but is enrouted through the body, that is which is being explored by the procedure of meditation, a process in which the beyond are explored, the beyond which isn’t in the ambit of the sense of eye, hear, smell, touch and feel, or is it that the bar of all these senses is increased, so that which in normal course of life isn’t visible is seen, which isn’t audible is heard, and so on.

The author, before taking its reader further into the subject, would like to lay a concept of visibility, which is, anything which blocks the light is visible, so is it that “GOD” also blocks the light in order to get visible? Or is it just a hallucinating concept, which has been expressed, as an object a thing, which has a specific size, shape and also inherits the property of blocking the way of light? This example or notation, was just mentioned to make the reader feel that there is nothing during the correct meditation procedure, which one visualises, as the process of meditation is which, there limits of left aback, and new parameters are adopted and attained. The concept of meditation is exploring beyond the known, as we only hear what strikes the ear drums from outside as we don’t hear the things which are functioning within us, we see only what is outside we aren’t able to see, what it is which is there within each and every being. These being the correlating marks, the first step in meditation is to close your eyes and somehow block your ears, well there are numbers of methods which are there, for doing the above, and there are numerous new ones which have been developed by the masters to make the process easier, instead of approaching it the rightful way.

Meditation, as described and as experienced, is a process in which there is no observations as there is no observer, the body, the energy forms and the mind are in tandem with each other, there is no separate entity, the entire system, the body and the brain work as a unit, and when there is only system, which means the observer, the brain, and the observed the body and the energy forms, are one unit which leads to the state when there is no observer and no observation, a process in which there are no limits (as they are also defined when that is a different entity to the one who has just observed it). Meditation, is in total different from the physical exercise or any concentration exercise (which is of the brain), in which there is a observer of the event and the other is the participant, the breath which is pivotal part for existence, is not another thing, but one with the system, there is no external sound, all which is being heard, felt is just part of the system which comes from no where else, than apart from the system itself, a thing which can be only possible when there is no demarcation, between the “my” and the “self”.

The author restraining itself, from expressing itself to the extent to be laying principles and making it a constrained, for its readers to explore any further on the subject, would just hint on what meditation is, and how it is different from the simple brain exercises which are being articulated in the name of meditation, as the individual who engages itself for meditation would not be duped, and adopts the principles in their illicit structure. Meditation is an art, when there is nothing which comes to you neither it is something to which you take yourself too, its just being one with the system, and making and oneness with all participants, and making them one. Its like a factory which has hundreds and thousands of workers but are one with the brand, and work in tandem for the factory, but unlike the factory, there is no external produce, which means there is nothing which is produced for external use but remains within the system, as it is by the system and for the system, quite similar to how the strategies for the various nations is made, when it is by the nation and for the nation. The entire matrix of the system, is solved, as you are part of the energy system and not an external observer, who is being fed or used by the system.

Lets take understanding meditation to the next level, Ina football field there are players and audiences, but the ability to dribble the ball as per the wish only remains with the players not with the audience, even if the number of audience is much more than the count of the players, as the players are part of the game and the audiences are just the observer, when you are able to become one with your system, it is only then that you are able to dribble the ball (which out here means the nature and manner of life), but if remain an audience to your own life, then there is scope of you having any control of how the game would progress for and with you, even if you are able to figure out how to dodge the defender (which out here means overcoming the obstacles).

Friday, 1 December 2017

Forced Emotions

The humans have since the times, have dissected the concepts and enacted as per the emotions corresponding as the result of those dissections, which has led to their unnatural associations with events, happenings and people. The author would like its readers to carry this statement, through this write up, atleast, and try and figure out is it really the events which are mattering to all or is it just the information as comprehended or contemplated, based on the summary of those events which has been the source of the emotions, and lets also try and find out are the so called emotions real, natural, or just a artificial projections which happen, upon the dissections, done, upon the individual theorems. The author would urge its readers, to take up a thing or just look towards anything, and not speak or read or hear that thing, and if this may sound or appear to be difficult, then atleast not speak it out or in, for the mind to hear, see or interpret to what the eyes saw, or ears heard or the mouth spoke, lets try to behave in the manner of the person who is the in the drunken state, whose synchronisation between the mind and the carrier, the organs, is somehow not in that order, which is supposedly assumed to be normal, and does the reader realises or feels the essence of the word spoken, sentence/sound heard or the thing touched, is the reader, really able to feel anything, is the mind of the reader able to generate any emotions out from the actions of any of the sensory organs, the organs who were just engaged into the thing, of speech, hearing, touching? Is it really that these organs are able to generate any understanding which may be relevant to the brain, which would be enacting on its own, without being told what those actions means or correspond to?

The brain or the mind, is definitely an active organ an active constituent of ones body, and it plays a pivotal role in carrying the mannerisms of life, but the kind of emotions its subdued with by placing understanding of the event, by virtue of the sensory features of the human body, has been a kind of forced engagement for the brain. The author refraining itself, for passing any judgements of how to be manoeuvring the life and laying its artefacts for better and progressive living, as they may have worked for the author, but not necessarily behave the same, universally, but would like to promote the concept for its readers to explore and expedite. 

Lets try and find out, does the mind, really able to understand all the things, all the pains or all the joy on its own, or is it a part of that very system,  the mind, which tells the entire system to enact, and this part is dependent upon the emotions which trigger the pulse for the brain to revert in a forced emotional output. Lets take up an example, there is tears and mourning if there is a death of a person who is part of the family or a friend, and the body reacts by the flow of tears, but is it the understanding on the mind which made the release of tears, or your thoughts, of the past with that dead person, which made you cry, the remembrance of the happy times which you had, and now no scope of repeating them, has made you shed tears? If this is not the reason, of why tears have flowed, then why don’t they flow when you see the funeral parade of the person, who is either unknown or have been envious with you? The understanding or rather the forced understanding of the things, are leading to the thing called as emotions, and these emotions are somehow behaving in an uncontrolled manner, a chain reaction, and producing things as is the specimen, emotion itself. 

There have been many a teaching, lecturers of reflecting the significance of keeping quite during prayers, or even taking it to the level of self control in the field of yoga, but just keeping the mouth shut, is it really quite, as the author is quite certain, the reader wont be reading this write aloud, but isn’t the reader able to hear its own voice? Well thats the thing, which also needs to be kept quite, isn’t this thing which is always telling you about, when you look at something, what that thing means, if you hear a thing what is meaning of that thing, which results in the person to develop or associate a particular emotion with what has just been conveyed. The author would urge its readers, to try and find if there is anything which the mind would know and appreciate, without you passing it on to it?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The doctor within

The human race is always been struggling with one or another kind of distress, either it may be physical, emotional or physiological, irrespective of the nature, but there has been something which isn’t the way it has to be, either the body by virtue of its various organs or by emotional body which could be suffering huge uncontrolled swings between happiness, grief, and emptiness or physiological body which is generating pulsations which are beyond the control and understanding of the self, but irrespective, of what is the reason, but hardly has been any day with most of the readers, that the day has been the way in the manner as it was meant to be, which is comfortable in its being and existence. The reason for these uncontrolled upsurge and flow of the waves, which has been since the medieval times promoted the thought and the need for humans to explore a respite, may it be in form of medicines, which too have been changing their appearances, from herb and nature based to the synthesised ones, the latter known as the modern or the allopathic medicines, in which the subject the body is exposed to some known and mostly unknown chemicals, to the individual, as the stability of either of above mentioned constituent structures of the human skeleton, is attained or is endeavoured to be accomplished. 

But the author would urge its readers, to think, what is it that take cares of these things, when they are in order or we can rephrase the question, what where is missing which is cause of this sickness or illness, in case it is for the structural body? Or have the readers have heeded to comprehend, if the chemical composition of the medicine is unknown to you, how is it that your body knows what that chemical is and how it is meant to observe it conduct after the induction of that chemical into the body? 

Lets try and explore, what is it that knows all those chemical compositions and also knows how and what to change and to what, after the induction or supply of that chemical, as what is being consumed or administered, is not known to all and everyone, assuming its not only the doctors who would falling sick, a statement made in lighter vein, then how come the body of a medicine subject illiterate also knows how to react with the medicine after its administration to the body? 

The author would abstain, leaving any kind of impression or dictate its readers to obey, but would like to lay certain artefacts and would recluse itself, and let the topic be dribbled by the reader to its conclusion, as what may be best suitable for the reader. As to the doctors, physicians of today or medicinal masters of the past, a certain lag or lacking behaviour within and by the body results, in all and any kind of illness or sickness to be there, which can also be read as, that the body failed to naturally release a certain kind of chemical(s) within, and this lagging of the body to secrete or release that chemical is met by either directly bombarding the body with that specific chemical, as in case with allopathic medicines, or stimulating the body by virtue of herbs, shrubs or other natural constituents, who enact in association with the body, and release the desired chemical for the normal functioning of the body. 

Apart from the above mentioned modes and methods, the author, would also like to take its readers on more primitive way, which is associated with the east, which of lately been also accredited by the west, which makes the fact into “truth”, the method of gemmology, which has been accredited by the concept of “VIBGYOR” and in this like the above mentioned, a external object is placed or worn, which results in stimulating a specific organ or certain mood and the lag of the body to secrete chemically is substituted by external aid. 

Digging deeper into history of the man kind, there is yet another method by which well being is attained, and this method has grasped large volumes in the scriptures of the east, and now the professionals of the west are also accepting its relevance and trying to figure out, more easier ways of how to perform or achieve the results, apart from the disciplines as mentioned in the those scriptures, “The Vedas”, by its method narrates how a body is capable of healing itself by undertaking certain measures. The author, would like to take its readers for de tour and reproach the subject in specific later, there are around 5 million new cells formed everyday in a any human being, and each of this cell is capable enough of taking the uncontrolled way, this process is known as cancer, but the body apart from generating these new cells is also generating a chemical which is keeping the multiplication of these cells in controlled and regulated manner, so that the production of the body is aiding in the well being of the body, not making it sick instead, if we go deeper, even the formation of the new cells is controlled by certain secretion of chemical, which is absent results in absolving of the tissues, which means the body of the person is dissolving by itself, now entering the main subject again, that there are measures as mentioned in the vedas, by which each and every person can achieve well being, provided they are performed in their correct tone and texture. The methodology of hymes called mantras, meditating on the organ which is responsible for the secretion of that chemical along with reciting specific stimulators, are few and summary of how to undergo or endeavour, or approaching the “doctor” within. How ever the author would not like to summarise any further for its to be impressionable, but would appreciate it the readers could earnest by drawing their own logics by this write up.